Mindless in the Mountains #Hillsoverbeaches

20th Apr 2019

Mindless in the mountains of Munnar

Photo of Mindless in the Mountains #Hillsoverbeaches by Swathi shree raja
Day 1

For a person who loves travel, I am a little partial to the mountains when compared to beaches. My love affair with mountains have always been never ending.

This trip was to Munnar, in Kerala. Munnar is this sleepy little mountain town in Kerala which is known as 'God's Own Country'. One lovely thing about the mountains here is that they are laden with tea estates and the manicured tea plantations lining all along the way to the actual destination is such a sight to behold. If you are lucky like me, you might even get to stay in one like I did. The curves and bends that are scattered along the roads are nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

The hospitality of the hotel where we stayed was nothing short of splendid and the food there just took the cake. A secret tip for chai lovers, if you ever think of visiting the Western Ghats, make to sure to taste the tea in one of the tea estates. Your mind will be blown, I promise!

We reached late in the night and we were in for a treat. The possi of fireflies taking residence in the valley decided to give us a light show as they started twinkling like stars in the darkness. Not one or two, but hoards and hoards of them. It is one phenomenon, no matter how much you try, can't be put in words. You have to be there to experience it.

Day 2

The next day dawned bright and early. The resort was nestled in the clouds and the cotton candy clouds were such a sight, first thing in the morning. We came to know that the hotel had guides for trekking trips and not one to miss the chance, we went on a trek across the tea plantations with a quick history lesson along the way from our guide. It was an amazing experience as the guide showed us food growing in the trees. From coffee beans to wild berries to cardamom we saw it all. After a taxing but worthwhile trek, we came back to the hotel to have the most scrumptious breakfast. We roamed around the resort, relaxed with a fresh cup of coffee and had the best time of our lives.

I can't put my finger on what the best part about mindlessly roaming in the mountains is. The chill that starts seeping into your bones the moment you start to climb the mountainous terrain, the curves and bends that challenge even the driving pros, the resorts tucked away in these mountains, waking up inside the clouds, the smell of freshly ground coffee and the hot brewing chai, the wild call of the cicadas at night, the chirpy noise of birds in the mornings, the cute little waterfalls that dot the trail, and the secrets that these mountains hide within them. The list of all things exciting about the mountains goes on and my mind keeps wandering across these mountains even when I am not...