How travelling makes the whole world one big family

20th Dec 2018
Photo of How travelling makes the whole world one big family by Neha Ballal

When we travel we are sometimes lost, not knowing where we are,not knowing the language and wondering what we are doing. Many of those who wander away from home from months or years face this. The feeling of being lost, of being homesick, of missing the familiar faces once a while. 

I was lost once, sad and wondering why I chose to go away so far in the Himalayas living in a tent for two months. I was trekking up trail with a couple of people I was working with during this time. I didn't know them personally, they said they would go hiking one Sunday and I thought maybe I could join them. What I didn't know was that they were all hikers, they had been doing this for quiet sometime and were experts. And I had never really hiked anywhere in the Himalayas before!

We left past breakfast, hiked up to a small temple which took us 2 hours post which I thought we would head back. But instead we went further high up a trail which went around the mountain and would take us another 7 hours of trek. I was devastated. I didn't sign up for this. 

Walk the unknown to find who you are

Photo of Nepal by Neha Ballal

Struggling to keep up with them, we were hiking down a muddy trail when suddenly it started drizzling. We had been hiking for almost 3 hours at this point.  The path got muddy and slimy, the rain fell on us and suddenly we saw a villager. He led us to his village close by, where there were around 15 houses on the whole. They had nothing, most of them shabby but when they saw us, they wanted to help us. They gave us a towel to dry ourselves, and hot butter tea. Looking around I could make that this was a luxury for them and maybe they didn't drink tea often but they saw how tired and lost we were. So they made us stay at their hut till the rain stopped and made sure we were warm and fit enough before venturing out again. 

This was what I had needed. The warmth from family. It wasn't mine but it was still tea prepared by a mom. A dad getting worried about us and the kids playing around us, with open eyes. It was wonderful. There was happiness. I was tired and losing all hope when we came across them. I had been walking for almost 5 straight hours by then and energy was running low. 

All I needed was kindness and warmth from a stranger and I was back. After the tea we started out hike back and though it took us another 3 hours to get back, I made it. It wouldn't have been possible without the tea and the love. It is such moments you travel for. For realizing there is love and hope in the world. It comes to you when you need it the most and makes sure you go ahead. You will reach your destination. Things always work out! :)

You never know when and how you find help

Photo of How travelling makes the whole world one big family by Neha Ballal

Things always work out

Photo of How travelling makes the whole world one big family by Neha Ballal