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Each picture tells a story and these stories build up a life. Social media for me is not just a platform to promote myself or my photographs but rather a place where I can share these building blocks of my life. It’s really heart-warming to witness strangers react positively and acknowledge and appreciate your hard work. Most of them become your virtual family and some even really good friends.

I was born in a village in Uttar Pradesh where I spent the majority of my young life before my family decided to shift to Delhi. Having two siblings close to my age, our days revolved around more of games and less of education. They weren’t the times when we were hooked to gadgets. In a place where electricity came for a couple of hours every day and many luxuries were not accessible, I don’t think I was ever happier. School comprised of a mattress which we sat upon and a portion of the wall painted black to be used as the blackboard.

Even though at this point of my life I haven’t achieved the fame and luxuries of the world, but the little that I have earned seems like a long way from home. There are so many people out there who deserve so much more than me, because they have struggled and worked so much harder than me.

As I am tracing back to the memory lane, I realise that the only thing that made a difference in my life is my zeal to learn. When my family moved to Delhi, English was an alien language to me. I started digging up books, having conversations in my mind and my skin itched to learn more and more.

I learnt to learn from people of every age. I’d steal their experiences and knowledge and make a note in my mind. I learnt from people’s lives. I learnt from your lives.

I learnt to be grateful and this drove me to be a better version of myself.