Luxury escape- Maldives

25th Jul 2016
Photo of Luxury escape- Maldives by Manvi Deshwal
Photo of Maldives by Manvi Deshwal
Photo of Maldives by Manvi Deshwal

Maldives conjure up view of pristine beaches , reef ring atolls and luxurious villas on water where you can observe fish through glass floors and jump into the sea from their deck . For me it was not less than any Luxury escape far from this busy and crowded city life of Delhi . The city is called Male with this beautiful serene untouched island called Maldives which sit in the midst of Indian ocean Arabian sea .

We took flight from Delhi to Male Airport , there we hopped into a speedboat and headed to our resort Adaaran Prestige vadoo villas which are at vadoo island .Vadoo is sparkling beach of the Maldives or we can say glowing island . For me that was really magical . The glowing water of vadoo island are known as 'sea of stars' .

Beautiful picture from our room..

Photo of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Kaafu Atoll, North Central Province, Maldives by Manvi Deshwal



I am Manvi Deshwal , 25 yrs old. I really love to travel and explore beautiful places in my own way . Also love to enjoy food of different places and really keen to meet people of different regions . I am sharing my travel experience of visiting Maldives last year . Me and my husband went there and had best of our time there .

I would love to share our stay at Adaaran prestige vadoo villas , where we had fantastic service from arrival to departure . The villa was amazing with private pool access to the sea where you can also enjoy snorkelling . There are different kinds of villas as sunrise villa , sunset villa , honeymoon villas . All are designed perfectly . The one where we stayed was Sunset water villa , Teak wooden floorboards with poster king size bed . And the lounge area of bathroom had a glass panel to watch the colorful fauna . That experience was not less than any heaven .

Last but not the least our experience of scuba diving at vadoo island cannot be expressed in words .I was so curious to see the world under the sea . The diving instructors there were very good , they gave us private lessons and went under the sea too with us . After taking lessons for diving by our instructor which last for 30-40 mins we went for diving with the heavy oxygen cylinders . But the moment you enter inside the water you start floating you hardly feel the weight of cylinder on you. It becomes so light to carry and really important for you as thats the only option for you to breathe there . Gradually we start floating under the sea , it was all green and blue around me ! Really. As far as i could see it was all green . I saw some keong an lot of pretty fishes .I enjoyed the scenery around me and those colorful fishes . So , this was my great experience of my first dive . It was really indeed so peaceful down there .. just Loved all that :)

All i would say about Maldives is the place heaven on earth .

Photo of Luxury escape- Maldives by Manvi Deshwal
Photo of Luxury escape- Maldives by Manvi Deshwal