A weekend Getaway from New York #travelguideUSA

14th May 2018
Photo of A weekend Getaway from New York #travelguideUSA by The Fragile Cargo

Today my post is going to be less about the place and more about why sometimes planning becomes quite important. Well that's not true it is going to be about the place, but I will be giving a few warning messages. We had driven down to Lake George from New York over the weekend. Lake George, the Queen of American Lakes, is a popular weekend destination for most people in the New York State. The lake is situated at the base of Adirondack mountains and is spread out over many towns. The most popular attractions here include sailing in the Lake and visiting the Adirondack Park.

Now this disclaimer is to anyone planing to visit Lake George in the summer. Do not visit it before Memorial Day Weekend (usually last Monday of May). Why? you ask! Because NOTHING would be open. We were definitely not aware of this. So there we were with barely anything to do for two whole days. When I say nothing will be open, I do mean most of the restaurants as well. You cannot go out into the lake and most of the Adirondack Park is also closed to visitors. So definitely DO NOT visit during that time.

Day 1

Now despite all the planning mentioned above, if you do end up visiting Lake George during such a period (or when its raining), I do have a list of things you can do. For the adventurous people out there, you can do a few trails in Adirondack that remain open. There are also a few trails around the town that you could try. We did one of those. You could spend hours walking along the lake. It is that beautiful and that big.

Photo of Town of Lake George, Old Post Road, Lake George, NY, USA by The Fragile Cargo

You will also see a few boats docked along the sides. One type that caught my eye was the Tiki Tours. You can imagine what fun those would be(Alas! I can only imagine).

Photo of A weekend Getaway from New York #travelguideUSA by The Fragile Cargo

As I mentioned before, most of the restaurants were also closed. Fresh ADK in Glens Falls was a brilliant brunch spot. With all its vegetarian and vegan options, a lifesaver for us.

Day 2

We drove to Bolton Landing (about a 20 minute drive) to visit The Sagamore. That was one of the best dinner views I have experienced. The restaurant has an outdoor seating which overlooks the Lake.

Photo of The Sagamore, Sagamore Road, Bolton Landing, NY, USA by The Fragile Cargo

The Sagamore hotel grounds are also used for various events and parties. We were treated to one such event during dinner.

Photo of A weekend Getaway from New York #travelguideUSA by The Fragile Cargo

Clearly not a lot to discuss when there was absolutely nothing to do. We did have a good time relaxing by the Lake and at our hotel.