Forget Goa and Visit This Virgin Beach in Odisha Which is Trending These Days!

Photo of Forget Goa and Visit This Virgin Beach in Odisha Which is Trending These Days! by Khyati Maloo

Brace yourselves for a delightful scoop of beach news that will have you daydreaming of sandy shores and sunny escapades! Siali Beach in Odisha is about to undergo a remarkable makeover. This hidden gem boasts a mesmerizing stretch of pristine white sands that stretches over a glorious 5 kilometres. And guess what? It's just waiting to unleash its incredible tourism potential!

New Era of Beach Bliss : Ministry's Plan

Now, here's the scoop. Our friendly neighbourhood 5T secretary, V K Pandian, recently paid a visit to Siali Beach, and he uncovered the secret to its untapped allure. The missing ingredient? Well, it's none other than the much-needed infrastructure that will attract a bustling crowd and turn this beach into a tourist hotspot.

But, a new era of beach bliss is on the horizon!

The tourism department has grand plans to put Siali on the map as a must-visit hotspot. It all starts with the state government teaming up with the saline embankment division to construct a cutting-edge sea wall using modern geo-filter tube (GFT) technology. This innovative approach will not only protect the beach from the relentless sea but also elevate its tourism potential, creating numerous employment opportunities for the locals. It's a win-win situation!

How and When to visit Siali Beach?

Now, let's dive into the practical details. Siali Beach is nestled in Jagatsinghpur district's Ersama block. The beach itself is just 2hrs from Cuttack, and can easily be done as a day trip.

Siali Beach is at its prime during the months of January to March, the beach comes alive with the vibrant celebrations of the annual beach festival, hosted by the Odisha Government.

Why Should You Visit Siali Beach?

It's a great getaway for intrepid travellers who are looking for that off-the-beaten-adventure. But also turns out to be a brilliant picnic spot for families looking for a quiet time away from the city.

Why not seize the moment and embark on an unforgettable journey to Siali Beach? Be the first to witness the magic of Siali Beach now and revel in the before-and-after story.

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