Orissa is NOT just about temples !!

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! by Manu K K Verma

Orissa is known for its strong religious aura, temples with great architecture and Puri, Of coarse. During my stay in Orissa for almost 8 months, I discovered it has got many other amazing places as well.

If you are the not the kind of person who likes visiting temples so much and for that very reason have not visited this place, Plan it now for these six places. It will be worth it.

1. Konark Beach

This is the beach everyone knows about but very few people visit. See there is nobody across the coastline (in the second picture). The reason is that people have drowned here (told by our driver). This is not like a regular beach where people visit in masses. It is just a beautiful piece of nature which is to be experienced carefully.

The waves here are rough and high. So do not go more than 5 steps ahead from the place last touched by the wave. This is a place where one can just chill out, click few pictures, enjoy the breeze, see the sunset but everything at a distance.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 1/6 by Manu K K Verma
Yup..that's me
Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 2/6 by Manu K K Verma
beautiful coastline...hovering clouds...shinning sand and my camera clicking it all.

2. Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary

Chilika Lake is a water lagoon on Indian east coast and every winters, the birds from all over the winder regions migrate to this place, This is a heaven for photographers and travelers as to see 160 species of birds at a time at one place is not less than nature's grace. Visit this place between October to February to witness this beauty.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 3/6 by Manu K K Verma
Picture taken from the internet

3. Meet the Dolphins and see the crabs

This is an amazing place if you want to see dolphins jumping and dancing around. The best way to reach this place is to reach Bhubaneswar and from there take a cab to this place, it is at a distance of around 120 Kilometers from there.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 4/6 by Manu K K Verma
Captured from our boat

4. Scene like never before

This place is Gahirmatha Beach and to witness it is a life time experience. Every year during October turtles spread across this beach and go back after their eggs hatch into little turtles. This is their mating season and you will fall for this place for its nature's wonder.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 5/6 by Manu K K Verma
Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 6/6 by Manu K K Verma

5. Nandan kanan Zoological Park

Nandan Kanan is an amazing zoo in Bhubaneswar with a very good variety of birds and other animals. It has got many safaris and is spread in the area 400 hectare and have also got a botanical garden.

6. Toshali Fair / Toshali National Craft Mela

If you happen to land up in Odisha during winters, this is a place you should not miss. This is a National Fair, and craftsmen from all over the country come every year to showcase their cultural heritage.

Happy Travelling !!