Nandan Kanan Zoo,Odisha

6th Dec 2017
Photo of Nandan Kanan Zoo,Odisha by Neha Kumari

It is a big place to live in Orissa. In the month of January, this is the scorching sun and sweaty sweat, then what will happen in the summer! On the ladder of Udayagiri, placing it in the stairs; Oh now I am thinking about all this now. Now we have almost come off the ladder and have come to the road !! Coconut water is seen nearby, one takes a coconut and takes a little throat, and to avoid sunlight, sit down in the carriage !! Now sitting in a shady place where you feel relaxed, then you can go now and cover the trees and live in the wildlife of Nandan Kanan !! After drinking coconut water, now we are walking on the road and hoping to get interviewed with White Tiger, Nandan Kanan, who is going from here, is going on ahead to the eighteen kilometers from here !! I have heard a lot of names where it looks where it does not know what to do !! I do not even remember the name, now what to say !! Well, it will continue to happen, let's give a little introduction now !!

Nandan means the one who gives pleasure and Kanan means the forest, then Nandan Kanan means the jungle of joy! Now the forest can also be fun, so far it seems like the forest imaginable, like the scary horror and full of the jagulali animals !! But this forest does not come here, then the mind of the mind becomes complete. Seeing the peacock here, the mind peacock gets danced !!

One of the seven wonders of India, this zoo that is covered with the trees of Chandak, is spread in about one thousand acres of land and under the same trees, Asia is a unique bio-property! As soon as we went, the people took the ticket and took tickets for the rickshaw and safari along with the bariti, because they were not able to walk in such a heat, nor to be repeated in line.

He sat in the rickshaw and took them to different places in turn and introduced them to the members here !! What more can be said about them now by showing photos, I will be able to identify them directly! Now after the attainment of many animals, there has been a turn of Jagannal Safari, and the advent of seeing one dangerous animal from nearby, Rome is heading towards Rome! Slowly the car was filled and we started running !! There is also a guide along with the fun stories in the car, this journey is becoming even more fun !! Come here and find out that the name of the lion is Salman Bhai and the lioness can also be named Sheela Bhabhi !! So do not forget the names of the bears, once the petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG !! Now the guide Maharaj said that they will feed the beans to the bears !! As soon as the bear saw peanuts from the window, he came to the lap and started jumping in front of the window just like now it will come in. Little children's breath was above top and bottom !! Continued for a long time !! If one fed one, then it was necessary to feed his other companions, he came in front of the carriage !! One bear on one window and the other bears on the other window !!

After this Babbar Lion's number came !! One was walking in the open forest in great pride !! Now why not now the King of the Jungle! The second lion looked sad, perhaps due to heat, it may be troubled or ill, but the problem is not good on the lion's face; it should be so sharp on the face of the people that people are afraid to wear themselves!

Monkeys and Bandirs who fell in love first and after that they got into a quarrel, meaning they lived in the same enclosure !! Four days love happened and it was followed by a hit !! So these people divorced i.e. put them in separate enclosures !! Now it happens that there is love in animals. Along with live life, you have eaten the food and zuma-zuma did not fight for four days and divorced !! It is possible only in humans !! There are a lot of fun stories, dear friends of these jugglers !! As much fun came to meet these people, many times more than they came in. All of this was the result of our guide's grace which made the journey so good !! Rightly someone said that a good speaker can fill in anything, then this place is very different in itself. We have seen a lot in the zoo, but there is no one like Nandan Kanan and no wonder here and here. Half of the fun was coming and listening to their names !! So now do not talk much and show some pictures of these people -

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