26th Oct 2016

Odisha the land of temples, heritage and more, has much hidden treasures in its kitty other than the world famous Konark temple or the Jaggannath Temple. The Odisha tourist triangle that broadly just highlights - Bhubaneshwar-Konark-Puri do miss out on a lot that the state has to offer.

Photo of Odisha, India by Ayandrali Dutta
Photo of Chilika Lake, Odisha, India by Ayandrali Dutta

How about watching some migratory birds, Irrawaddy dolphins happily jumping around as you talke a calm boat ride in nowhere else but at Chilika Lake- a water lagoon that's spread over the Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts of the state.

One of the largest coastal lagoon in the country once you are here, it's a different side of the state. With waves rocking your boat and wind whooshing through touching your face the place is also home to many of the birds of India.

Photo of Chilika Charm - SCATTERED EXPRESSIONS... by Ayandrali Dutta

Satpada village happens to the closet entry points to Chilika Lake, from Puri which is around about 50 kms. It was my mom and me who decided to take this trip as we watched the water playfully changing colours as the sun took its turn. As our boat passed the greyish brown water at times silver water the sound of nothingness filled the air and there was a very different calmness all around. The waves making it gentle as they kept on hitting the sides of the boat and I happily like a child was enjoying as my hands touched the water and felt the flow around.

Photo of Chilika Charm - SCATTERED EXPRESSIONS... by Ayandrali Dutta

Our excited boatman would point out at different direction from time to time to help us spot those dancing dolphins and Hola!! Either we spot the fin or just a glimpse and miss and not to forget the migratory birds at the lake. Slowly as we reached as we reached the mouth of the sea the whole scene from there was very different - almost ethereal and mystical. As lake merged to the sea, it looked like brown bar merging in.

Photo of Chilika Charm - SCATTERED EXPRESSIONS... by Ayandrali Dutta

With the virgin beach right in front of you beauty had a different definition. The place saw barely any population apart from few shacks selling fresh catch, coconut water and kadak chai. Being a sea food addict I headed to one of the shacks where we gobbled on prawns, pompfret and other sea fish as a price that one can't even imagine. Cooked with freshly handmade masala's, the flavours were to a killer.

Photo of Chilika Charm - SCATTERED EXPRESSIONS... by Ayandrali Dutta

A laid back walk in the sun soaked beach, a little chit chat with the local and happy tummy, we headed back. Our boat was waiting. Though I took this trip not anytime in the recent days but because it was Mom and me who made it, this is still memorable for me. Less of conversation, yet more of connection is all one needs at the end of the day.

Distance by road

Puri to Chilika - 40 kms approx.

Bhubhasneshwar to Chilika - 62 kms approx

Car/Taxi - Take the NH5 and drive down to Satapada

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