Pandharpur Tourism and Travel Guide

This is a town in the Solapur District and one of the most popular pilgrimage sites of Maharashtra. The Kuladivat Temple is extremely revered and you can take the blessings of the Lord Vitthal no matter what caste or religion you belong to. The god here is known by many other names such as Pandurang, Vitthal or Pandhari. The idols of Vithoba and Rukmini are believed to be the Universal Gods of all Maharasthrians and they also believe that they are the reincarnations of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The Temple has 6 gates and the Eastern one is known as the Namdev Gate. This is where you will find the standing idol of Vithoba guarding the entrance. 13th Century inscriptions are still clearly found on the walls of this temple. The Pad- Sparsha Darshan in which you can enter the main sanctum and lay your head on the feet pf Lord Vitthal to seek his blessings is a popular ceremony here. The secularism followed here attracts even more tourists.
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