Portraits of Pandharpur

8th Jul 2016
Photo of Portraits of Pandharpur 1/1 by Vishal Bhanushali

Sometimes words aren’t enough to describe what we feel. That is exactly what I am feeling about my photography tour to Pandharpur Wari. Honestly, I know nothing about portrait photography or even candid photography. I am just creative and love to seize that beautiful frame.

Photo of Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India by Vishal Bhanushali

Capturing the dynamic expressions of people is one challenging thing, so when I got an opportunity to visit Pandharpur and witness the holy festive celebration of God Vithoba, the traveller and a wanna be portrait photographer me had to sign up for this event. I think I am very fortunate to have participated in this holy pilgrimage. A dream of many Maharastrains.

Photo of Portraits of Pandharpur by Vishal Bhanushali

Every corner of Pandharpur had the chanting sounds of "Vithal, Vithal, Vithala, Hari Om Vithala”. Every face you see has some excitement, a hidden wish in their eyes, curiosity in their mind or just pure happiness in their soul.

Photo of Portraits of Pandharpur by Vishal Bhanushali

Every year there are over million pilgrims who travel to be a part of this mega event. From little kids to old sadhus, everyone is equal and everyone is respected as a descendants of God. So much peace and so much love. Everything is in harmony.