Thrilling flight to Bhutan

  • Its just a one hour exhilarating flight from Kolkata to Paro. And the most interesting part of the journey was the landing.
  • A few minutes before landing, green carpeted hills appeared from nowhere as we gently descended from the clouds above. It was like one of the scenes from the movie Avataar, okay I am exaggerating a bit here, but it was pretty close to it.
  • And then just before landing, we were flying between the hills and the wings of the aircraft was so close to them that i could differentiate leaves of the densely packed trees on the hills.
  • The plane started shivering making all kinds of weird frightening noises due to high wind speeds. For information, only 8 pilots are skilled enough to land an aircraft at Paro Airport due to its location.
  • Finally the plane touched down at the airport, 7000 feet high nestled among stunning hills from all sides.
Enjoy the flight. It's worth it.
Photo of Paro, Bhutan by Vivek