The Unmissable Waterfalls of Sikkim

Photo of The Unmissable Waterfalls of Sikkim by HappyPassports - Aishani & Bhavya

Of all the trips that we have taken, I don’t think we have seen as many waterfalls as we have in Sikkim. Out of the zillion waterfalls that you will see while you drive across Sikkim, so many of them are definitely worth experiencing from close quarters. And so, we have listed them down for you. Most of these falls did not require a detour and were on our route to the destinations in our itinerary.


Photo of The Unmissable Waterfalls of Sikkim by HappyPassports - Aishani & Bhavya

These falls are located on your way to Nathula Pass. Since it is not a very touristy point, there is a high chance of you having it to yourself.


Photo of The Unmissable Waterfalls of Sikkim by HappyPassports - Aishani & Bhavya

This one is another beautiful waterfall that does not usually find itself in the tourist spots list. You can not only enjoy at it the bottom, but also view it from a height by climbing to the terrace of the structure built next to it. And as the name goes, you will be amazed by the number of butterflies you will find around the waterfall.


The uniqueness of water flowing over the green rocks

Photo of The Unmissable Waterfalls of Sikkim by HappyPassports - Aishani & Bhavya

This is a unique waterfall that you will witness as it cascades over the steep mountain walls covered in green plantations. With a viewing platform built right in front of it, The falls become an amazing backdrop for all your beautiful photos.


These cascading falls are going to mesmerize you. Coming from a height way beyond what your eyes can see, the Naga falls are multi-tiered and one of the highest in the region. We visited this beautiful spot in the morning and luckily did not find anyone there!


The name of these falls is debatable as different locals in the region call it different names. You can show your driver the photos and I am sure, he will be able to understand. The reason we liked this one so much is its width and the volume of water that gushes down. The force is such that you will be able to feel the displacement of air around it and they have actually built a wall to make sure that air doesn’t hamper the cars driving by. Not only that, the waterfall continues to flow with the same gush even on the other side of the road which is also a sight to not be missed.


Named after the legend Amitabh Bachhan, this is most probably the highest waterfall in the region. You will be able to hear it way before you are able to see it. The water falling from such great hights is something definitely worth checking out. You can enjoy a cup of tea in the nearby stalls as you enjoy this natural wonder!


The Rimbi falls are one of the most popular in Pelling. You can climb down from the road to the foot of these falls and sit on the rocks with your legs dipped in the chilly water. Both from the foot as well as from the road level, these falls form a beautiful backdrop for your travel photos.


The Maginificent Kanchenjunga falls

Photo of The Unmissable Waterfalls of Sikkim by HappyPassports - Aishani & Bhavya

The last but not the least for sure, Kanchenjunga falls are the most popular in the region. It is very easy to mistake the overflow to be the actual falls, but make sure you climb up the steps on the side to reach up to the main falls. This is the only waterfall that we visited which required a ticket to be purchased. The source of this waterfall is said to be in the glaciers of the third highest peak in the world, the mighty Kanchenjunga. And that is also a major reason for this waterfall to be perineal. You will find a lot of small shacks on the side to refuel your bodies after a hectic day!


1. All these waterfalls are natural and their flows completely depend on the season during which you visit. We were in Sikkim at the end of October, immediately after the region had witnessed heavy rainfall for a week.

2. Since these waterfalls are along the route, their viewing depends on the route you take, which may depend on the road closures and other factors.

3. The best way to have these falls to yourself would be to visit them at a time outside of the standard tourist circuit.

4. Most of the cab drivers would know the locations of these, so that should not be a concern. But not all derivers plan their itinerary including stops at these falls. Make sure you discuss with your driver in advance and let him know your plan on spending some time at the falls.

Sikkim is no doubt a land of Waterfalls, of all shapes and sizes! So many sights that will be etched in our memories forever.

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