Crocodile Meat and Thailand Special Parotta | Phuket Night


Where in Phuket we can try crocodile meat, snake meat, worms, flies, and scorpions? We set out to explore the night markets of Phuket that evening.

We started exploring the night markets of Phuket by around 6:00 in the evening. 6:00 pm is quite early for the night markets, but we needed to cover at least 3 markets in one night.

We started off from Katta Night Market and Walking street where we found crocodile meat, scorpions, chicken, fish, and many more. I tried salmon fish barbeque while Vijiliesh tried the taste of crocodile meat.

From Kata market we went to Bangla walking street and night market which was indeed a set for pubs. I wouldn’t suggest this ambiance for children and family. However, the beach nearby is exotic — Pa Tong beach.

From there we decided to explore Malin Plaza and Dragon Night Market which are nearby night markets. Among all, I enjoyed Malin Night Market the most.