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Adalaj Stepwell

Aiswarya Keyan
I ended up going to Adalaj stepwell which was pretty far from everything else. I took multiple buses and got to know that Ahmedabad city buses allows you to travel anywhere for a day if you get a Rs.35 ticket. I found Adalaj stepwell to be too crowded to enjoy it even though the stepwell was pretty amazing. The place had so many people that I couldn’t even get a proper picture without anyone in it.
Our next stop was Adalaj stepwell, its located in outskirts of Ahmedabad, travel takes about forty five minutes to one hour time. Worth the visit. Its one of the finest treasures of indian architecture. Beautiful artifact.
Mitul Gajera
Divisha - The Diadeb
We headed straight to Adalaj Ni Vav, which is a stepwell and about 45 mins away from the place of stay, in Gandhinagar. After losing our way twice in unclear turns, we finally made it to the location.
Arpita Agnihotri
10. ADALAJ STEP WELLStep wells are quite prominent in Gujarat as they were the only source of water for drinking and bathing in the arid regions. The Adalaj step well is intricately carved and is five stories deep. These well were also venues for colourful festivals and sacred rituals. Thus these are fascinatingly decorated with floral and geometric motifs. This is a magnificent Stepwells which attracts a large number of tourists.