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One Week Guide to Exploring Gujarat
Duration: 8 Days
Expenditure 30000

This one morning, I got up and found myself in the back seat of my car. That is how my journey to Gujarat began. (yes, when you have parents like mine, such things happen often.)

So our first stop in Gujarat was Ahmedabad. The city offers different moods, right from the chaos of the CG road to the quiert retreat of the Sabaramati ashram, Also One of the best things about the place is that it is much safer for women and children than any city I’ve been to. People are simple, and very helpful. You can roam around the streets till late in the night without a single worry.

The next day, we drove to Jamnagar. Not much to visit here, unless you have a thing for authentic traditional wear and Gujarati upholstery/tapestry, like my mother. My dad being from the Indian Air Force,we stayed in Air Force Station Jamnagar, one of the biggest in India.

Like all elder people, my parents too had an intention of visiting the Dwarka temple. I wasn't really as keen as them, but when we actually reached there, I was awed by the architecture of the temple. The word ‘majestic’ is an understatement to describe the way the temple stands along the roaring waves of the sea. Being a place of such religious importance, the place is filled with temples, big and small and beautiful in their own way.

Our next stop was Somnath. The main attraction, of course being the temple, the entire town silently speaks of a serenity that cannot help but be experienced. The view of the sunrise and sunset in the sea is spectacular, and if you can wake up early enough, you can actually see the sun rise on one side of the temple and the moon set on the other. Personally speaking, I was enchanted by the aura of the temple. The chants, the vibrations, and the atmosphere inside the temple created in me an unfathomable amount of positivity. The only sad part was that like all the other temples, photography was prohibited here.
Note: There is point on the coast of Somnath which when travelled straight through, reaches the South pole. Intrigued?

As they say, save the best, for the last. Our last stop, Diu was the one I had looked forward to the most. Being along the sea, scenic beauty was expected, but more than that I was looking forward to the adventure sports the place had to offer. Although this was my third experience of parasailing, I had never done it over the sea. And when I did it, I was mesmerized by how beautiful nature can be. The view of the sun sinking like a ball behind the trees into the sea was something I still cannot get out of my head. Apart from the usual street shopping and the beach fun, the sea food is simply amazing, especially if you're as crazy about prawns as I am.

All in all, my trip to Gujarat was a fun-filled experience. The state has something in store for everyone, and the next time I see Amitabh Bachchan asking me to spend a few days in Gujarat, I’d say, ‘definitely!’  

It is a vibrant centre of cultural activities and diverse traditions of different ethnic and religious communities. Ahmedabad is as culturally rich as it is metropolitan. Navratri is undoubtedly the best time to visit the place.
Photos of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 1/1 by Naina Kataria
Located 9 kms towards the outskirts of the town, its main attraction are the salt beds. It is not exactly a tourist spot, but I recommend the place because the sight of pink migratory flamingoes flying around the salt beds, and that of the sunrays glistening over the white water is definitely one to behold.
Photos of INS Valsura, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India 1/1 by Naina Kataria
Counted among the ‘Chaar Dhaam’ of the Hindu religion, loads of temples and the rich culture of Saurashtra are what this place has to offer.
Photos of Dwarkadhish Temple, Way to Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat, India 1/3 by Naina Kataria
Photos of Dwarkadhish Temple, Way to Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat, India 2/3 by Naina Kataria
Photos of Dwarkadhish Temple, Way to Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat, India 3/3 by Naina Kataria
One of Lord Shiva’s 12 ‘jyotirling’, the temple has an extremely austere atmosphere, and the peace of mind it offers is nothing but enchanting. Last but not the least, the light and sound show in the voice of Lt. Amrish Puri is definitely to be witnessed.
Photos of Somnath Temple, Kodinar, Gujarat, India 1/2 by Naina Kataria
Photos of Somnath Temple, Kodinar, Gujarat, India 2/2 by Naina Kataria
Unlike the places I’ve talked about yet, Diu is more influenced by Portuguese culture than Indian, as is evident by the architecture of the place. Apart from the historic forts, churches and scenic lighthouses and an amazing variety of sea food, Diu has pretty good opportunities for those who like adventure sports, especially parasailing. Also, there is a species of trees called the ‘Hoka trees’ (which is basically an overgrown version of the umbrella palm). These trees are only found in Diu, Zambia and Kenya.
Photos of Diu, Gujarat, India 1/1 by Naina Kataria
The place is filled with various memoirs letters and other documents of the father of the nation. If you're as much into modern Indian history as my father is, you're definitely going to like it here!
Photos of Sabarmati Ashram, Old Wadaj, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 1/1 by Naina Kataria
As compared to Nagoa beach, this one is quite inactive when it comes to adventure sports as it is more of a fishing spot. But if you wish for a silent place at night along the sea, watch the moonlight glisten on the water, this is the place to be!
Photos of Ghoghla Beach, Diu, Daman and Diu, India 1/1 by Naina Kataria

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