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Rudabai Stepwell Aka Adalaj Stepwell

Ritika Verma
AdalajOne our way back, we took made a stopover at the Adalaj stepwells. While there are quite a few stepwells in India, this one is quite unique. If you can ignore the tourists clicking selfies and the now-dirty water of the stepwell, the structure has a lot to offer.There is also a tree outside the premise which has roots deep in the ground, and is possibly centuries old. It's a luxury to see that some trees have survived the test of time, and are rooted so deep in our nature that nothing destroy them. They show, that nature will survive, we may not.This brought us to the end of the weekend trip. On both days we came back to our home in Ahmedabad. If you're visiting, you can also stay in the city and make day trips to these places. 
Diksha Pathak
Adalaj ki Vav is a stepwell which was built by a king for his queen some 500 years ago. To reach there, we walked back to Subhash bridge from Sabarmati Ashram and then took a shared auto upto Adalaj on Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway. Again we walked upto the step well which is around 5-600 mtrs of walk. The stepwell has a very interesting architecture. It goes upto 5 story deep and you can walk all the way to the lowest level, where it is all dark and the water smells, however the architecture is to be praised as it must have served as an awesome source to preserve water back in the era. After exploring Adalaj Step well for about two hours, and having breakfast, we then started for Akshardham Temple.