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Agumbe Sunset View Point

Brunda Rao Nagraj
When you visit this place you will certainly lose your heart for the amazing sunset you get to see here. It would remind you of the most wonderful romantic music compositions by a lot of people in the past praising the beauty of this place.Agumbe is at 28.7 km away from Sringeri. It is the highest peak in the Western Ghats. As the sun sets, the entire sky resembles a paint palette smeared with a millions of tints and shades of orange, blue and yellow. You will deny getting back to the chaotic world after experiencing this magical place.
Manoj D Kashyap
Shravya Kolavara
We also trekked up to Kundadri Betta and concluded our day at Agumbe sunset point. It is a pretty well known tourist spot that gets numerous visitors everyday. When the sky is clear and you've reached on time( I have jusssst missed it a couple of times), you will be mesmerized watching the sun quickly dip away!
The sunset point is just 200m from start of the Agumbe ghat.It is a treat to watch the landscape from the viewpoint at any given time. The fog covered mountains of the Western Ghats and the entire rain forest below which belongs to Someshwara range.The bikes stood against the backdrop of those mountains making us smile and enjoy the bliss of the moments. Touch wood!! Those machines did never breakdown.