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Dodda Mane

Disha Kapkoti
If your vacation goal is to stay at Swami's house, you can stay at Dodda Mane, the house where once Shankar Nag's dream project, Malgudi Days was shot. It is Kasturi Akka's house who didn't charge anything to the film team back in 80s when the series was shot there. Today when the visitors arrive at this house, the lady of the house offers them a warm welcome providing all the basic comforts they need to spend the night and allows them to pay whatever they want. She utilizes the money from the visitors to run this house, feed the poor and educate the underprivileged people of the town.Contact number for Dodda Mane: 08181- 233075
Rahul Raghunath
Doddamane is just off the main bus stop. The locals pointed us in a direction and said we couldn't miss it and they were right. It's an old house, styled from ages ago. It's has a Mangalorean styled tiled roof with a central court yard used for picking and drying clothes. The corridors around the central yard house rooms, halls, kitchens, gardens and bathrooms. The floors are all red oxide covered and the walls are stone. The doors and windows have been maintained since being built. They are made of cast iron and wood. The house was also the stage for the popular Kannada serial "Malgudi Day's" We were greeted by a happy old man who has kept up with time and updated himself with an iPad and wifi connection. It was s little disappointing to see that technology has caught up with such places, but that's just my opinion. Ajji is one of the nicest people we have met. She was very charming and observant. She immediately took us under her wing. She cooked us a traditional lunch with local produce. They spoke to us as though we were family. More than the antics, the house stood on a foundation of age old tradition. The custom here is strange. You pay the hosts what ever you feel is appropriate. They do it for the company and to share culture more than the money.