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Arambol Beach

Prahlad Raj
We spent the evening at Arambol beach. It is a beautiful beach. Quite clean and less crowded too. Sip a beer in one of the shacks and relax. Don't think!
Anchit Ahuja
Moving northwards, we headed to Arambol, arguably the best of the five. Arambol is a perfect Goan beach, full of activity. There are kids playing volleyball, foreigners (or hippies?) sunbathing in their beach chairs, some are playing a guitar etc. The restaurants are playing music. Cottages are also built on the beach.
4. Arambol BeachThe Hippie capital of Goa is famous with international tourists. The beach enchants 16 Km of long sand stretch with little bit of commercialization. Lot of star fishes and verities of crabs are visible here.
Himakshi Joshi
Arambol BeachThis beach was extremely secluded and undiscovered until a few years back only, when tourists, both foreigners as well as local, have started flocking here to find peace and an alternative to the busy beaches of North Goa. It is actually a very good option for budget backpackers, as food and accomodation here is much cheaper as compared to the more popular areas of Baga, Anjuna, Calangute, etc. The Beach itself is divided into two parts, the southern beach stretched, mostly simply known as “Arambol Beach”, and the Northern Harmal Beach. The latter is only accessible by foot! It’s a 20 minutes walk of pure bliss, with the amazing rock formations and a spectacular view of nature. There are quite a lot of food options available at the beach shacks, as well as beach beds, for which you are charged as low as INR 150 from morning till evening (usually 5-6 hours) so you can enjoy doing absolutely nothing but take in the wonderful view.
I had shortlisted a few places while planning this trip and one place which was on my priority list was "The Sweet Water Lake" at Arambol beach. So once we were done visiting the Aguada fort, we headed straight for the Arambol beach. It was a long drive for us as it was 30 kms away from fort Aguada. Finding virgin beaches in Goa is not such a huge task because of the friendly localites who are always there to guide you. After travelling for an hour, we reached Arambol beach. The lake was at a 10 minutes walking distance towards North of Arambol. We finally reached our destination and it did not disappoint us. There were shacks placed under the coconut tree facing the lake. We rented shacks for ourselves, changed into our swimming trunks and without wasting much time took a dip into the lake. The water was pretty cold but our bodies adapted to the temperature within a few minutes. The best part about this was it was secluded and it was an amazing place to relax yourself amidst nature. We spent the rest of the evening lazing around on the shacks until the sun disappeared and then headed back to our hotel.
Rohit Manchanda
We got DreadlockedSun shines on the blue door, and pushes it just enough to let itself in to wake us up. Come what may Ohanna was up at 7 in the morning for her 5 hours at beach. We had to take shifts while she went crazy. Yoo-hoo! What energy.Raj told that he would be back in few hours and was not finished even by evening. So we had no choice but to chill at Arambol.
Sonali Paikaray
Day 5th was all set to explore the magical Arambol. It was around 40-50kms from Baga and was a ride full of serenity and splendid scenaries. In Arambol, one has to trail from one end to another which leads to the sweet water lake and an amazing "just don't go anywhere" type of another world. We enjoyed the sink in the white pearl sands of these amazing beach and stayed there till the sunset. This was such a peaceful experience and will always stay their in my daydreams. After such a beautiful sunset, we were not at all ready to leave Goa but had to leave. Our boarding back to Delhi was from Madgaon, and the cab took 1500/- from Baga to Madgaon railway station. Apart from all the fun, we enjoyed most of our meals in Kajal restaurant in just few metres away from Calangute beach and the food here is amazing and superbly affordable.
Our most manic trip had almost come to an end. We sleepily drove our way back to Kerim, and encountered some early morning mist. We had a visibility of not more than 20 metres, and as a result it took us 45 minutes to actually get back on the 10 kilometre bike commute. We dropped off Alexa at her guest house in the village, and bid her goodbye. She said she would meet us for brunch, the next morning, when AB and I would leave back to our places. We kept her bike there and walked back to see the morning twilight cut across the beach. We had made a few friends, of whom we would probably never again see in our lives, but had the time of our lives sharing our thoughts amidst the most pristine sights in nature. There is so much depth in such trips, that help you evolve and understand people and environment better. I wondered at the far-horizon, on if this makes us so happy, why do we have such stressful lives back in the city, riddled with EMI's and debt. Travel has a way of being the conduit between nature and us telling us the secret to a fulfilling life, yet we dont get the message, do we?48 hours of epicness and getting ready to being back to being some one else, back in the city the next morning even as Nature swiped and swiped right well enough for us to connect with like minded travellers in exploring our variety of lives and experiences! I hope Nature tells me how to Swipe Left at that Ugly EMI from LIC Housing Finance, for a house that I dont even live in!As I tried sleeping, I could not quite get sleep, thinking of the dichotomy of our lives back in the city. A couple of poetic bollywood references to end the manic trip which started on a Hollywood note (The Beach) and ended on a Bollywood Note (Tamasha and Zindagi Na Milegi Do Bara)1) 'Tu Koi Aur Hain'- From Tamasha, alluding to Ranbir's Kapoor's brilliantly portrayed character in the movie.AND2) Some beautiful lines of poetry by Javed Akhtar written for the traveller movie "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara", which kind of resonated with the way our trip had gone so far. To go and create such trips requires a vision that you find the right place, and have the right vibes for nature to connect you to similar folks who can all stay alive and awake to the possibilities that exist. So here go those lines (from this song)" Dilon mein tum apniBetaabiyan leke chal rahe hoToh zinda ho tum (If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive)Nazar mein khwabon kiBijliyan leke chal rahe hoToh zinda ho tum (If you carry dreams in your eyes then you are alive)Hawa ke jhokon ke jaiseAazad rehno sikho (Learn to live like the free waves of wind)Tum ek dariya ke jaiseLehron mein behna sikho (Learn to flow like the sea does as waves)Har ek lamhe se tum miloKhole apni bhaayein (Receive every moment in life with open arms)Har ek pal ek naya samhaDekhen yeh nigahaein (Every moment is a new beginning seeing with your eyes)Jo apni aankhon meinHairaniyan leke chal rahe ho (If you carry surprise in your eyes then you are alive)Toh zinda ho tumDilon mein tum apni Betaabiyan leke chal rahe hoToh zinda ho tum" (If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive")
Nikita Kawa
#SwipeRightToTravel ...It was in the month of May when we had visited to Goa.. We had visited arambol beach were mostly foreigners visit and they do like if any Indian people call them to click picture. But Their we meet foreigners who were very keen to take photographs with us bcoz me, my hubby and my daughter who is 5 Years old had worn same T-shirt... They were very kind n gentle and had a very sweettone... They feeled hounered to click picture s and we also thank them to share their few moments with us..... It's a very memorable moment wen we stand n speak with person who is on the other side of world....
Hardik Nagda
We left early in the morning for Arambol beach. It is a clean beach, with white sand, less people mostly foreigners and a beach where you can relax with a beer ofcourse. There are many shacks and the food is quite cheap compared to other beaches in North goa. However the waves are pretty ok ok, not that great! There are many little cafes while you drive to Arambol beach, stop at any cafe and eat anything- you will love the taste! Also try the Kaju Feni (Liquor made of cashews) - a local drink!
Prateek Dham
If you asked me my personal favourite from all of these, I would close my eyes and point towards Arambol every day of the year. For me, this beach is synonymous with bliss. With hippie foreigners (mostly Russians) coming to this place and ending up staying back for years at a stretch, Arambol Beach is still, surprisingly, off the radar of the usual party-going public in Goa.Must do while here: Eat at Fernandes Cafe. Stay at Laughing Buddha.For more details, read this.
It was our last day we as usual got up late and left for Arambol Beach long unexplored beach surrounded by cliffs on two sides, with a Fresh Water lake and chirpy markets nearby, Arambol is considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa, A short walk to the north takes you to several attractive bays, the most famous among which is the sweet water lake.Later in the Evening we went to LPK (Love passion and Karma) one of the most famous club in Goa, the entrance of the club is magnificent and insane but the club is little hyped and I personally don’t like the place much. But one should go there at least once to see the Entrance and the exteriors of the club. LPK has Cover charges to enter into the club, But if you just want to go to click some pics of the exterior and Entrance you can just do that also as its before the club entry gate.We ended our Night at St. Anthony’s Shack in Baga, I love this place there’s something special about this place... it rocks!! *Arambol Beach is located 50km north of Panjim*In Arambol Beach there are few shacks and have lots of dogs.*LPK entry varies between Rs.1500 to Rs.3000, many a times they don’t allow stags We Just Visited North Goa this time, South Goa is comparatively much silent but have much better and clean beaches than North Goa. North Goa is Party Hub of Goa. It is preferable to Visit Goa between the month of October to March, in monsoon most of the places are close or under Renovation. Other places to see or Visit it in North Goa (Which we missed): Beaches*Keri Beach or Kerim Beach is located 58 km north of Panaji*Mandrem beach the white sand beach is located 32 km north of Panaji*Ashwem Beach Markets*Saturday Night Market Arpora*BiCholim the hub of potteryHangouts*Sinq Beach Club got famous from Sun burn after party at Sinquerium Beach* Waters, Hill top, Nyex, 9Bar etc at Vagator Beach*Club Cabana Arpora Beach* Casinos MV Caravela, Casino Pride etc Tips:*If you in North Goa stay at Baga or Calangute beach the party hub but crowded, if you want a less crowded place then Sinquerium or Anjuna Beach also a good option*Take self driven car or Two wheelers, easy to commute and less expensive as compared to Taxis*Always carry one dress with you as its coastal area so you sweat a lot or you have go in the sea and sometimes is difficult to go to the hotel back and change*Carry Shades and Sun Screen*most of the club follow club rules like pants and shoes are compulsory*Cops are helpful, be polite and don’t argue with them you can get yourself in trouble* Do not keep your valuables unattended during your stay at the beach.*There are Many Tattoo Studios select a good and hygienic one Goa never cease to surprise you, it has everything to offer suiting your taste from overcrowded place to deserted beaches, Young bubbly crowd to matured subtle people, Loud trance/EDM clubs to Silent Shacks, Shopping, Churches, Adventure Sports, Art Galleries, Spas etc... I can never get bored of Goa, Goa Fun Unlimited!!
Dev Arbikshe
Want to hang with the hippies. Try Arambol.
Priya Ray Chaudhuri
So the plan was to get to Arambol beach to watch the sunset and oh what a drive it was! We lost our way did more than a couple of extra kilometres on the wrong way and then raced the sun to make it on time. Make it we did, with time to spare, but my companion lamented it was not the same beach that he had wanted to show me. Anyway, that did not stop us from sitting at yet another shack on the beach to enjoy some local port wine.
ConclusionI personally think that extreme sport like paragliding is something that all of us should try at least once in our lifetime. It’ll tingle your worldview and your senses after you do it. After all, when you’ve just spent the last few minutes of your life seeing the world pass by you, you can’t help but have some perspective shift in terms of how you see things, even if unconsciously.
Sachin Verma
Day 2Its a new day. Don’t start early. After a good sleep and breakfast, Brittos is recommended again, it’s time to ride. Our first destination of Day 2 is Arambol Beach, the last developed beach of Goa towards north. This beach is more popular among the foreign travelers specially The Russians and British and a very few Indian travelers visit this beach. Spend some quality time in peace on the beach. Eat some of the best sea food available in Goa and this is the place to shop. Due to scarcity of Indian Crowd here, you have plenty of time to check the stuff and bargain. In any cafe or shack nearby, you can indulge into a conversation with a random stranger and keep talking for hours over beer. If you are staying long in Goa, prefer renting a place in Arambol. The beach is amazing and a dip in water will be refreshing and relaxing. Grab something to eat from any shack on the beach and start travelling south of Arambol.
Tanvi S
This beach is different as it has a sweet water lake on its shore. Just sit on the sand of Arambol beach and lose yourself in its captivating beauty. The sand is soft and white with little cottages on the red slopes, rocks in some places and the approach road lined with shacks offering souvenirs and clothes. At one end of it runs the Tiracol River and beyond the river rises the Tiracol Fort, now an interesting little hotel.
Damini Aggarwal
The 'capital of hippie culture in Goa' : Arambol is considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa. Very calm, serene and away from the hustle bustle of tourists.
Sumit Singh
It's the north most and less crowded beach with crystal clear sea
Aditya Sen
Mrunal Jani
this beach is one of the lesser known beaches of goa and that is why it is more beautiful than the rest. I spent a whole day here just chilling and relaxing, they have the best sea food here very fresh, and all kinds of drinks as well you can have an awesome time here by just sitting on the beach getting tanned while having cold beers!
Paragliders meet here and you can also have a swim in lake nearby
Peaceful beach in North Goa. Less crowded compared to all other beaches of North Goa. Few shacks at the beach where you can just relax and watch the ocean.
Arpit Dugar
Arambol Beach is located in the northern most part of Goa. It is among the most beautiful beaches of Goa and if you are in the mood of relaxation and want to spend a couple of days at a secluded yet beautiful and clean beach..Head towards Arambol..
Raghu Vamsi Kodaboina
A very nice and pleasant beach for every lone traveler and one in search of Peach.. Quite far away from the actual goa and other beaches which are most part of the year are crowded.