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Morning and evening
05:00 am to 11:00 pm
Beach fun, sunset views, peaceful experience.
Free entry
November to February
Friends, Couples
3 out of 18 attractions in Arambol

Arambol Beach

It's a typical south Goan beach in terms of vibe, but a completely different and unique beach when it comes to serenity, cleanliness, and crystal-clear water. The golden sand stretching for over 2km, rocky cliffs, beachside cafes & restaurants, stalls selling Goan handicrafts combine to accentuate the desirability of this lesser-known beach in Goa. It is great place to avoid crowds and enjoy peaceful walk on sandy beach while enjoying the sunset views.
DAY 3: ARAMBOL BEACHMy last day at goa :(Located at the most northern side of Goa, Arambol beach was our next destination and also happened to be the last, at Goa.But another crazy incident occurred while on our way to Arambol , the GPS system, inspite of being a such useful technology, guided us to completely different location instead of Arambol. We ended up getting lost for a long time :(
Imagine sitting on the beach, on a bed, with a shade and enjoying the waves hit the shore, one by one and the time slowly passing into eternity. Got the picture? Yes, that's the Goa shacks for you. Take a look at yourself.
Trishala Pawar
Location 5:Arambol beach is at extreme north of Goa. Huge spread of this beach will give you breathtaking sunset. Here, point to be noted is Main Arambol beach is usually crowded, you will hardly find a place for shoot. For this reason we walk for almost half an hour to cross the whole beach and reach the other Side of the beach. Locals will Guide you the direction so nothing to worry about. This was the last shoot of our trip and happens to be best one. You will get to know, just look at the pictures.
prasoon padhye
Next morning we visited Arambol beach which was not too far away from the hostel, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. This place has plenty to offer everyone, a relatively even seashore with clean waters good enough for a swim, a picturesque beach with some rock structures at a far end, beach shacks, huts, a bustling street market, some wonderful restaurants to suffice your food cravings and myriad of other stuff to please a soul.