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Nature and culture are the two words you will associate with this town that is located in Arunachal Pradesh. The Kamala Reserve Forest will take you a little bit closer to nature and the Good Shepherd Church and Meghna Cave Temple will take you a little bit closer to God! After a rafting session in the river Subansiri, you can indulge in a handicraft shopping. They make for great souvenirs!
Vaivhav Todi
Daporijo is situated in the upper district of the Subansiri River. This small town is very scenic with the local Tagin tribe inhabiting the place and the Subansiri providing a great opportunity for river rafting. There are a few caves here that provide a peak into the history of the place. The Tagin tribe are majorly followers of the Donyi-Polo, literally meaning sun-moon. They worship the sun as the female energy and the moon as the male energy. But, recently, parts of this tribe have come under Buddhist influence. They have an annual festival called the Si Donyi festival.