Hot springs paradise: Kurokawa Onsen (1 day)After facing your volcano phobias, it’s high time to channel your inner Japanese granny and spend a full day relaxing in onsen, the Japanese hot springs. This minuscule town is the perfect place to do this. Get the 10-euro ‘onsen pass’ at the tourism office, which will give you access to three of the dozens of different baths. Naked under your yukata (light version of the kimono), wearing geisha-style socks in your wooden flip-flops, spend the day lazily going from bath to bath, relaxing the hell out.There are beautiful riverside open-air baths, and even an onsen built in a natural cave! If you want to treat yo’self, splurge to stay at one of the town’s beautiful ryokan (traditional inn). Definitely not on the cheap side, but worth every penny: the traditional dinner will make you feel like you entered a spatiotemporal breach where the food just keeps coming.