Adventure Karnataka 1/undefined by Tripoto

Adventure Karnataka

Rutuja Patil
Coorg is blessed with ample water including, streams, waterfalls and has many tributaries of Cauvery. One of many such tributaries is located near Kutta where one can enjoy white water rafting. Our host at the Tamara homestay guided us to reach this place called Kodagu white water rafting, near T.Shettigeri. When we crossed T.Shettigeri and then Glenroma tea estates by Tata, we found a group registering for the white water rafting. We jumped out of the vehicle to get information from this group. I am terribly afraid of water hence it was just Akshay who was interested in the rafting. On his registration, we got to know that he had registered with another group called Adventure Karnataka but we were fine as the rates were same and the place of rafting was also same. They primarily train you for the rafting, use of the handle and teach you to float. They have trained leaders who guide every raft with utmost precision. This is a 4 kms patch of rafting. I travelled with their four-wheel drive, an old Mahindra Jeep to the spot where they were supposed to end the rafting. This spot is located amidst the Glenroma tea estates which are the only tea estates in this coffee rich region. It is a private property and not all are allowed to enter. All rafters were picked up at this spot who were happy with their adventure to go back to the meeting point.