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Bannerghatta National Park Parking Lot

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11. Rendezvous with the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic lions and other wildlife at Bannerghatta National ParkLocated about 22 km from the city, a jungle safari in Bannerghatta National Park is one of the best things to do in Bangalore with your family. The jungle safari here takes you on a trip through the natural reserve where you can spot a number of animals—including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lions, elephants, porcupines, sloth bears, and many others—in their natural habitat.
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5. Bannerghatta National Park and ZooWho says a city can’t cater to wildlife enthusiasts? This biological park located on the edge of the city has everything; from a zoo enclosure to safaris, a butterfly park and even a wildlife museum. It’s well worth spending a day here with your family. Who knows, you may be greeted with a rare treat?
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Visiting the Bannerghatta national park is an experience that is cherished by kids and adults alike for all that it has to offer. The safari, butterfly park and all the wild animals of the park are something that a whole lot of Bangaloreans and tourists alike love coming back to. This makes the biological park one filled with some fun memories for people who grew up here.Is there some place in your own city that you loved growing up with? Here's where you can share all about it.Why should English readers have all the fun? Tripoto is now available in Hindi.
If you want to relax on a weekend by watching the animals in their natural habitat, then this park shortly known as BBP should be you weekend getaway while in Bangalore. Its a 2 hrs journey from Whitefield but might take up more time due to traffic.Entry fees to the park is 80rs. There are facilities for jeep safari and car safari. One can opt for a combo of 260rs to go around the whole park including the zoo.