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Brigade Road

Anila Kopparapu
All the big (and some small) brand stores on the Brigade road sure make it a great place to shop at but people who grew up in Bangalore would agree that there’s much more to the Brigade road than just shopping. With all the many pubs, bars and coffee shops here, there’s a lot more to do here than just to shop. One thing is for sure, all the New Years’ eves spent here growing up will definitely have made for many unforgettable memories.
Anil Kumar
Empire Restaurant:Situated right in the heart of the city, very next to MG road, this hotel is a best for the night guys who love to eat out their soul post 12 in the mid-night. Open till early morning 2.30, the crowd is always present for the taste and ambience here. Jumbo Shawarma rolls are hot favourite here.What people love to have here:Paneer Tikka, Bheja Fry, Brain Fry, Ghee Rice, Jumbo Shawarma, Biryani.Type:Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian.
Kavita Murty
Busy from sunrise to sunset, Brigade Road catches one's attention and is one of the 6 cheap places for shopping in Bangalore. This commercial centre is dotted with shops and stores that sell clothes, shoes, spices, items that are handcrafted, pieces of antique jewellery and much more. Brigade Road is the local favourite when it comes to getting the best at seemingly reasonable prices. This place has its fair share of brands with outlets o KFC, Starbucks, Nike and such labels. Internet cafes and pubs offer entertainment to the locals and visitors. If you wish to lay your hands on an ancient piece of jewellery or décor item for the house, come to Brigade Road that is 3 kilometers away from City market making it a hub for shopping in Bangalore.Timings: The Brigade Road along with M.G Road are extremely popular. Shops shut late evening and the restaurants and pubs are open till 12am. 3. Commercial Street Bangalore -
Anushka Rathee
If you want to know what Bangalore is all about, visit the brigade road. Its one of the most popular places in Bangalore lined with all sorts of restaurants, pubs, and all the brands in the world to shop from. The best time to visit Brigade road is at night, when it looks its best with all the lights around. Brigade is also located near one of the best malls in Bangalore -Garuda Mall. Other than that it also sites Bangalore's own version of the Tibetan market and the Cavery Emporium. All in all Brigade is the life of Bangalore.