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Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat

This is an art gallery in Bangalore and is mainly known for the regular exhibitions and public events held here. The main aim of this place is to make people more aware of the art and culture of South India, especially Karnataka. A part of this has been carved into an art college with the same name and this is now a very prominent school of art in the world of contemporary and traditional painting. The Chitra Shante is the annual festival of art and culture organized by the Parishath authorities.
Chitrakala Parishath is the visual art gallery located at Bangalore and most happening place for art exhibition, puppets show, leather selling. A perfect place to showcase your artistic skills in Exhibition which helps you recognize by huge crowd across the world. The place got few permanent paintings, crafts, sculptures etc. displayed in gallery.IMPORTANT : Mark your dates to display yours arts, crafts and paintings every year 1st Sunday of January Location - Kumarakrupa Rd, Kumara Park East, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru.Entry fee - Zero rupees for viewers To exhibit your paintings, drawings & crafts one must participate in competition that starts prior two month and evaluation happens based on the criteria and only selected artists will be allowed to display yours arts in public. The way of art is mind blowing and beautiful with huge number of colorful paintings displayed by artist across the different states from India on streets. The paintings are ranged based on the evaluation starting from Thousands of rupees to Lakhs. The streets also sells chats, fresh juice drinks and snacks which will make extra fun. The entire art exhibition will definitely take a day or two to completely view and explore each individual creators arts displayed.Visitors purchase and donate the paintings to Chithrakala Institution where in the amount earned will be donated to orphans for a good cause. A weekend at this place will definitely worth visiting being a Bangalore-an. Attaching some of paintings snaps displayed in January 6th 2019 by Creators."Art Speak Where Words are Unable to Explain"Thank you,Usha L
Sreshti Verma
Of all the inexpensive things to do in Bangalore, a visit to the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath—an essential part of Bangalore's cultural history and contemporary art scene—is a must. This art gallery that hosts a wide array of Indian and international artists. It is also a centre of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, the community which has worked hard for the restoration of paintings at the Mysore Palace, Bangalore Town Hall and Vidhana Soudha. The best time to visit Chitrakala is during Chitra Santhe, a festival that brings together artists from around the country. The Chitra Santhe usually happens in the first week of January.
Ronak Jain
• Opening Hours: 10.00 am –6.00 pm• Nearest Metro: Mantri Square Station of Green Line (1.4 kms)Chitrakala Parishat is a renowned school of art, a place where you can appreciate art and culture. Established in 1960, KCP is a paradise for art-lovers and hosts a number of art exhibition and shows round the year, most popular being the annual Chitra Santhe during January. Chitrakala Parishat combined with National Gallery of Modern Art consists of around 13 galleries, making them a popular tourist spot.8. Bangalore Palace
Karthik Rao V
One of the largest and beautiful art institutions of Karnataka lies right in the heart of its capital city - Bangalore. The iconic Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath has some of the best art masterpieces of all time and 13 rare museums with some of the best collections of all time making it a must visit tourist place in Karnataka. Some of its best collections include traditional Mysore Paintings, authentic Leather Puppets and works of the famous Russian artist Roerichs.
Karthik Rao V
One of the best premier art galleries in Bangalore having some of the best painting in Karnataka. It houses some of the best Indian and Contemporary art masterpieces along with the beautiful paintings of Mysore architecture. There is a special section specifically devoted to the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich who is famous around the world for his wonderful painting of the Himalayas.