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Kempegowda International Airport

When we reached the airport, we realized that though ground staff adequate enough for Indigo, the passenger crowd was way too much and the boarding pass took forever to be printed. We had a lady behind us waiting for check-in with her 20 bags and I remember thinking how we would have missed the flights if we had reached after her or let her cross us since she was trying really hard to do that.I’d suggest reaching the airport about 2.5 hours before the flight departure, since most of the domestic flights are always overcrowded, and if the bus from the airport gates were to take you to the flight, the last call is usually made 25 mins prior the departure of the flight time.
Yuvan Kumar
So we reached Bengaluru by 1:00am. Later we are hanging out around the airport nearby if anything for eating but we didn't find any proper budget food and even there is no proper way to take rest.
Amit Kumar
Let's go to Goa. We used to wait for this trip. This was our 3rd consecutive year. Last year we were 8 and this year we were 11. Hostel i.e. Seinfeld's Cafe and Hostel near Anjuna and Scooter were booked in advance for this trip. Thursday, we left early from our offices as we have to reach airport at 10pm and our flight to Goa was at 11:15 pm. We reached Bangalore Airport at 10pm and after check in, we were waiting for our flight. Finally we reached Goa around 12:45 am and there Our friend Shivraj was waiting for us. We adjusted our-self in his car and left for the hostel and fortunately, it was drizzling in Goa so the climate was pleasant. Hoping the same climate throughout our Journey.
Abhilash Ramachandran
Mohit Agarwal
Reached back Bangalore and I was at the airport again not solo because I had with me not Shyam but lots of photos to work on.Waiting at the airport for 5 hours was quite strange but I managed by exploring the shops and playing with my photos..Soon was the time to bid a good bye...I came alone but had a new friend for the next time I visit and that's an asset of solo travel..