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Sangam Chetti

Vaishnavi Rathore
From Sangam Chetti, your next destination would be Agor Village, a 6 km trek that would be completed within three hours. It's a perfect beginning trek, it's like a warm up for the rest of the four days. The trail is laid in front, and you can walk the sometime-uphill-sometime-downhill stretch in comfort, looking around at the Himalayas which you will learn to love in the coming days. The village Agor announces its arrival with an arched gate, barking puppies and singing women. The best bet is to stay at a guesthouse for the night simply because it is available. This way you save time the next morning not having tents to pack and sleeping bags to roll. We had a comfortable night at the Bharat Resort nestled with enormous rose bushes and a garden to share ghost stories over dinner. Renting out 4 rooms for a night cost us ₹1800.