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Surya Lanka Beach

Mohini Chauhan
Nikita Ravishankar
Earlier, I have been to Suryalanka beach which is few kilometres on the north from chirala where we have harita resort which is good. However, I liked chirala beach better than suryalanka beach as, its clean with less crowd and peaceful. Here you can enjoy the pleasant breeze and the soothing sound of the waves. We all went to beach and while walking on the sand we found tiny little baby crabs crawling all around the place really fast. It was an amazing experience, enjoying in the clean water and clean beach and awful sunset. When it was little dark we headed back to resort as there was less crowd few local people try to booze light up the bonfire. Had enough fun for that day.
Purnima Singh
With the seashore on one side and the valley of the Eastern Ghats on the other side, my 7-hour drive (yes, that long!!) came to a halt at Suryalanka.
I had hardly woken up when I got a call from a friend asking if I'd like to join him to Suryalanka Beach. I looked at the electronic wall clock - '1215 hrs' it read. I yawned wildly and got back to the phone."It will be fun bro, I'm booking tickets now. Answer quick," he screamed frantically over the phone.'It will be hot and sultry at this point in time in that area,' I thought. Nevertheless, I agreed and spontaneously.A little past noon the next day, we caught our train - Sabari Express that takes around 7 hours, halting at different stations, most of them unheard of. You can find the list of trains from Secunderabad to Bapatla and beyond, in the table below.
Purnima Singh
A strip of the coastline 50 km before Guntur district falls the Suryalanka beach. The attraction here was the hustle bustle of the town coming to a calm stop at the awe-inspiring beauty of nature as the sea meets the shore at this beach. It's wide a spacious and perfect for a drive along the coast! With crystal blue waters overlooking the coast makes it for a perfect sunrise point for the one-day stay I had!