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5 out of 7 attractions in Champhai

Murlen National Park

This is a beautiful park in Mizoram which is more than 100 km away from Aizawl and is surrounded by a small village with about 0 families residing there. The park is filled with natural beauty including a variety of medicinal plants and herbs, mammals, birds, butterflies and many more. The park is also surrounded by six caves including the Lamsial Puk, Zokhtawar, Hnahalan and Tan Tlangis. Orchids are a major attraction here and you will find them in all colours and types in this park. Champhai is the nearest town from here and in case you want to stay close to the park, you will find a number of holiday resorts here.
Sreshti Verma
The Champhai District of Mizoram, where Murlen National Park is located is also where the Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary is located, making it a rich bio-diverse ecoregion. The sub-montane and semi-evergreen forests of Murlen are so dense that only 1% of sunlight is able to penetrate the jungle. The Murlen National Park is compared to the Amazon region of South America, because of its dense network of trees that date back to 350 years.The forests are Murlen are exceptionally rich in variety of flora, including medicinal plants. There are over 35 species of medicinal plants, two species of bamboos and 150 species of birds that are spread around the 100 square kilometre area. It also protects endangered species such as the Bengal Tiger, Malayan Giant Squirrel and Himalayan Black Bear.
Salim Islam
Next day, without any concrete plans we headed out for Murlan National Park. The taxi dropped us off at the base of the park in a small village. There weren’t any hotels that were open so we took sweet buns. A few men were sitting and discussing on the edge of the road. Ravi and I went up to them and inquired about the way to the national park. They said that no vehicles go there except for two-wheelers and that we could also hike up there. When we enquired about hotels for breakfast, the group of men offered us to have breakfast with them. We resisted the temptation but they didn’t relent. These men were stationed in the region on a temporary basis for a road construction. They offered us a sumptuous simple meal. We even hired a bike from the village to go up to the park. After a few not-so-nasty falls we managed to reach the park. We hiked a little up the mountain and returned. As a thank you note, Ravi left a pack of cigarettes. We hitch-hiked a truck-ride all the way back to Champai. They served us well Our ride to Murlan National Park Mango season has just arrived After spending a good few days in Champai, I came back to Aizawl and explored the city. It’s stadium, its churches, its food, its people and their ever amazing ways. I wished Shikha could have seen this. I wish for you to see this state in the faraway corner of India, a state which remains in the perpetual state of happiness.
Salim Islam
No vehicles except two wheelers are allowed here. One can also hike into the national park. The national par was also beautiful, clean and extremely well maintained.