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Ashish Kapoor
15 mins of walk ahead of Inner Harbour Bridge leads you to the free town of Christiania.Christiania is a former military base that sat abandoned for many years before becoming the neighborhood we know today. In 1971, a group of hippies broke down the barricades and began squatting there. Nowadays, approximately 900 people live in the area, comprising a community that has its own rules and regulations completely independent of the Danish government.It is mainly famous due to the cannabis trade taking place in its “Green Light District.” You can visit there if you want to see a hippie culture and a 'high'ly chilled out way of life style. Photography is not allowed at many places.
Mahuya Paul
So, we were warned that it's not the usual 'touristy' thing that people go looking for. Plus you cannot take pictures here. But that's exactly why we had to see for ourselves why this place is famous. Freetown Christiania is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, and beautiful nature. It is a society within a society. You could take pictures, just not in Pusher street, which is famous for openly selling weed. Look for the women blacksmith shop. I bought many souvenirs there.