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Copenhagen Airport

Karim S A
Hop into your next flight SAS from Munich to Copenhagen , another layover at Copenhagen.
Eve Ha
First of all, I would like to mention how much this trip means to me. It is my first solo trip and most importantly, meeting one of my best friend that I met in Rome 4 years ago. It was a pretty spontaneous decision that I've made to just book the ticket and fly all the way from Australia to Denmark to visit Dana. So, my itinerary was not exactly well-planned but overall I enjoy this trip a lot and I would definitely be back for my second visit! :) After almost a day flying and transiting, I FINALLY reached the beautiful country, Denmark. Make sure you purchase the public transport card, Rejsekort (80DKK just for the card, which is about 16AUD) before you leave the airport. This could be handy to travel around, even taking train to other cities!