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Arichal Munai

Then I moved on to Arichaalmunai. This is the tip of India. You reach this place and turn on your location. You will see that you are in between India and Sri Lanka.
It is one hell of a road with Bay of Bengal on one side and Indian Ocean on the other(I have my doubts about that geographically, but that's what the locals said). You have to walk 4 kms to reach the end point and its just magic. Apparently, Sri Lanka is not too far from here and you can see small islands, which look like an ancient pathway to Lanka. Go there to experience it. I won't spoil you with all the intricate details but just post some pics I took. The pics however, do no justice to the beauty of this place.While returning, I got lucky and got a lift till the bus stop from two locals. A big thanks to them.