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Footloose Backpackers
One thing that we have learnt from all our trips is that always keep aside a spare/ buffer day for the capital city. And thus, after exploring the major attractions of Gangtok on our seventh day of the trip (click here for details), we spent the eighth day meandering on the streets, trying the local cuisines and soaking in all the experiences.Our driver dropped us in Siliguri in the evening and we stayed at Hotel Jagat, which is just 3km away from the Bagdogra Airport.The next day we boarded our flight back to Bangalore.This trip left us wanting for more. There is so much more to our country than we know. These hidden utopian states are unadulterated and beautiful. Though we had a hard luck with the hotels this time, yet the milieu and nature compensated for our troubles. Not even once did we panic at the thought of being in a remote area.Experiences are the best teachers and hence, we suggest that all you Globetrotters should definitely add this destination to your bucket list.One liner for the trip: A trip that helped us eat, sleep and breathe pulchritude!“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”– Gustave FlaubertTill the next time, Happy Travelling!Our Website
Shweta Modgil
My views are all the more affirmed when I take a walk along MG Road – the city’s hub, awash with the most swanky joints, quaint little shops, high end stores, and to my amazement-fountains, cobbled streets, and flowers!! No vehicles are allowed on this stretch making it a walker’s and shopper’s delight in the evening. Duck into quaint shops to buy porcelain trinkets, statues of Buddha, knick knacks made out of silver and satin. And when you are tired of your binge, tickle your taste buds by taking a quick bite in the many quaint coffee shops and indulging thoroughly in coffee and the amazing bakery stuff they have to offer. 
Nirbhay Kumar Singh
MG Road:It is the heart of Gangtok, drizzling rain and hot rolls of Khan Chacha were the best thing to have at that time, walking on the streets we had enjoyed Momo's also....we had tried every type of momo as we were hungry we couldn't stop ourselves...later on we had our dinner at Parivar restaurant.
Jayashree Sengupta
The evening could be well spent in the M. G. Marg. Unlike other parts of Sikkim, M. G. Marg is a busy one even in the evening.
Unwind with Anu Brahma
5. Food- Finger licking local food!Are you in love with Momo and Thukpa. Take an evening stroll and visit MG Marg in Gangtok Sikkim where you will find delicious Tibetan cuisines to satisfy your love of Momo and Thukpa. The most happening place in Gangtok- a traffic free market, colorful street lights illuminated, benches on both the sides of lamp post to seat and relax with music in the back ground.Image courtesy google: