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Mg Marg Gangtok

Supriya Samanta
MG Marg:Shopaholics, now this is the place of you! At Mahatma Gandhi Marg, you can shop some amazing trendy and stylish winter wears for you and your loved ones. You can also buy some cool, funky and traditional Tibetan showpieces. At the end of the journey who does not want to shop! Also, this Marg has lots of restaurants there to try mouthwatering Tibetan foods.
Yuvan Kumar
Finally reached Sam bro place to return the bike. He offered tea seeing our condition which was little relaxing. Later he dropped us till the hotel.At night we went to MG Marg for shopping and ate some proper fooood. We came back and slept off as we need to wake up early morning.
Ashish Bharti
With pretty good crowd ,this place is best to hangout. It has bars and restaurants with Tibetan cuisine. Indians restaurants are there too like Khan Uncle. Enjoying frozen icecream at chilling night is an amazing experience.