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Tashi View Point

Footloose Backpackers
Tashi View Point: One of the most hyped viewpoints in Gangtok is the Tashi View Point. It is said to offer you a glimpse of the Kanchenjunga peaks on a bright sunny, albeit, clear morning. Perhaps, the weather didn’t want us to get that chance because we couldn’t see anything other than the overview of the city of Gangtok. There are many shops that provide breakfast and souvenirs nearby. There is no entry fee but a parking fee of 20 INR.
Shweta Modgil
It’s 4:30 am and we are expectantly standing atop Tashi view point, a small hillock that is the window to one on the most spectacular sights in Gangtok-the breaking of the first rays of the sun on the might Kanchenjunga. They say the sighting depends on your luck. Right now all we see is the mighty peak swathed in a soft snowy cloud cover and the sun rays are finding it hard to spray golden colour on it. Dawn has already broken into earth’s realm and today does not seem to be our lucky day. But I don’t feel it that way. Ever since I have stepped into this beautiful city, I am feeling lucky to be surrounded by beauty and freshness at every step. Kanchenjunga too shall come around.As we make our way to our cosy guest house, I can’t hep but marvel at how beautifully this city has been planned. I see swarms of morning walkers – young, old, women-tugging their little kids, who are still rubbing their eyes with their tiny apple tinted hands to ward off sleep- along the sidewalks and footpaths elegantly running along the roads-meant specially for the conscientious walkers. Benches placed at regular intervals dot the sidewalk-acting as a pit stop for those who want to stretch and a favourite haunt of those who want to rest. This city doesn’t look like a part of a laid back nation, looks like a piece out of a healthy quintessential European town.
Jayashree Sengupta
On the way to Nathula, tashi view point is known for sunrise. We missed the sunrise but it is worth visiting. It has a shop tower above which there is a resting area from where the view of the valley is resplendent. The Kanchenjunga range is visible here provided the day is not cloudy which was in our case.
Niyati Mavinkurve
7. Tashi View Point:This view point has a panoramic view of Gangtok city. It offers great views of the Kanchenjunga and Siniolchu.
Monali Monalisa
I was lucky that Karma showed me around and insisted I had breakfast at this local restaurant in front of Tashi View Point. One can however hire local taxis which is available on shared (to be boarded from the Taxi Stand) or reserved basis.