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September - May
Families, Friends, Couples, Solo
2 out of 23 attractions in Gaya
Deepika Gumaste
 If you go in the second half of any year, you’ll see a flock of Tibetan monks, gathering around the grand Bodhi tree, chanting hymns and reading from Buddhist scriptures. To reach Bodh Gaya is much easy. One can descend at the Gaya airport or take a four to five hour drive from Patna (the state capital).
Vinod Ponoth
Bodh Gaya is close to Varanasi. Hence a trip to Varanasi cannot be complete with a visit to Bodh Gaya. Actually one needs to understand that Gaya existed much before we know of it as Bodh Gaya, after all Gautama Buddha came to Gaya to seek enlightenment!!! However circumstances did not allow me to visit the locations in Gaya namely he temples of Vishnupad and Mangala Gauri; like I indicated in another post, the there is a time for everything.......One can hire a cab or a rickshaw from Varanasi, else take an early morning train to Gaya and take the early afternoon train back. I would suggest that it would be a good idea to stay in Gaya for a day or two to soak in the learnings, rather than rush around.....
Sagnik Basu
This is where the epiphany struck Siddhartha and he went on to find what today is carved into Buddhism. He spent his first week of enlightenment under this tree.
Nancy Nance
This is the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Presently, the tree is the fifth succession of the original tree.