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Gokarna Main Beach

Ronak Vora
Beach Trek Day:Characterized by vast swathes of soft sands and backdrops of lush green hills this is one trek you should be doing to tick off your bucket list. : The trail will entail walking on the beach sands by the side of the rocky hills on one side and the far-stretching Arabian Sea on the other side.
Lantern Swapnil
GOKARNA MAIN BEACH - Day started well when we reached the destination. After booking a scooter we headed towards Gokarna beach. Even in the early morning there were a lot of people there.
A favourite hobby of mine on all my travels is to get up early and go to a place where I can watch the town wake up and people starting a fresh day in their lives. So, we went to the Main beach and watched as devotees came in for an early dip and the sun slowly rising behind us, painting the town and the beach with a soft orange hue. We chose a cafe among the numerous ones lining the coast and had hot lemon tea overlooking the waves and I have got to say, one of the best tea I’ve ever had, watching people doing yoga and jogging and the waves gently playing catch with the shore. Then we head out to Kudle beach to start our beach trek.
Sree Madhavi
CAMPING AT GOKARNAIt was around 5:30PM, we reached Gokarna beach at the perfect time, the sunset was exquisite so we had an impromptu golden hour photo shoot.
Sree Madhavi