While In Gokarna, Don't Miss Out On These 20 Hand-picked Tourist Places

Photo of While In Gokarna, Don't Miss Out On These 20 Hand-picked Tourist Places by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town in Karnataka and a newly found hub for beach lovers and hippies, with its pristine beaches and magnificent landscapes. It GokarnaIt is not a conventional tourist destination. The beaches of Gokarna are designed for a calm, relaxing vacation, and everything on the beach moves at the same sluggish pace. With coconut and palm trees, the ocean, and clean sands, Gokarna is a 'one of a kind' place in the country.

Gokarna tourist places include pristine beaches as well as temples having mythological stories associated with them. These beaches are among the best in the country since they aren't as commercial as others and some of them are still private, with fewer stalls and shops. Pilgrims from all over the world visit Gokarna temples because of the legend associated with them. Check out these 20 Gokarna Tourist places while you are in the town for a relaxing trip.

1. Om Beach

Photo of Om Beach, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

If there is anything more popular than Gokarna in Gokarna, it has to be Om Beach. The journey from Gokarna town to Om beach is 6 kilometres over the hills, with breathtaking views along the way. This beach, shaped like the letter "Om," provides thrill-seekers with a wide range of adventure sports. This beach's sunset view should be treasured for all time. Typically, it is flanked by shacks that offer inexpensive lodging and eateries with international menus. On Om Beach, there are also a tonne of entertaining water sports activities accessible, such as surfing and speedboats.

Many tourists are drawn to this area by the distinctive black rock formations. At this lovely beach, one can see fishing boats, little restaurants, and crows flying high in the sky. With some mind-blowing landscapes in the midst of the rough terrain, this site is a photographer's paradise and one of the famous Gokarna tourist places.

2. Mahabaleshwara Temple

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Photo of Sri Mahabaleshwara Swami Temple Gokarna, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Mahabaleshwar Temple was built in the fourth century CE in the Dravidian architectural style. The main deity is a 1500-year-old carved stone Lord Shiva idol in the standing position. The temple is mentioned in the Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana, and it is said to be as important as Kashi, earning it the moniker Dakshin (South) Kashi.

A 6 feet tall Shiva Linga here at the temple is known as the Atmalinga is worshipped here. The top of the Atmalinga is the only part of the Linga that is visible to devotees. But during the Ashta Bandana Kumbhahishekam, a festival that happens once every 40 years, is when the entire Atmalinga is shown to the devotees. This one is also among the famous Gokarna tourist places.

3. Kudle Beach

Photo of Kudle Beach, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Kudle Beach is one of Gokarna's many beaches, located just a short distance from Om Beach. This beach is a complete recluse, providing the most silent and serene atmosphere to enjoy a sunset, a walk along the shore, or simply sit and observe the never-ending tides. Many locals prefer this beach for a morning or evening walk or yoga practise because it is not overrun by large groups of tourists and thus has a low crowd and is quite serene.

The beach is usually deserted, except during the peak months of November to February, when it is swarmed by foreign tourists and backpackers seeking privacy. The sea is calm and shallow enough for a bath or simply dipping your feet, but it is always best to be cautious. If you are the adventurous type, a night spent on the beach in a small hut listening to the waves is as good as it gets.

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4. Gokarna Beach

Photo of Gokarna Beach Road, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Gokarna Beach is several kilometres long and located on the outskirts of the temple town. Because of its beautiful stretches of sand and pristine locations, it has recently acquired prominence as a go-to beach destination. Locals rarely visited Gokarna beaches until foreign tourists began flocking to the seaside. Walking along the shoreline here is fascinating since you will come across several cafes and shacks, and this is where Gokarna's hippy culture is at.

The muddy uphill roads with forest cover on both sides offer more than just a reason to go for a hike or a family picnic. Rock climbing enthusiasts can take advantage of the steep cliffs in the shallow water. The tranquil beaches are teeming with bird and animal life. Taking a crash course in Yoga while in Gokarna Beach is also a great way to spend the mornings.

5. Half Moon Beach

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Photo of Half Moon Beach, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Another famous Gokarna tourist place, Half Moon Beach is a small beach. It is separated from Om Beach by a cliff from which travellers can enjoy breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. Numerous village huts in the classical Indian style can be found lined up along the beach, giving it a very traditional and intimate feel. The beach was named from the stunning resemblance it bears to a half moon. This is the finest place to spend time away from civilization and in the arms of nature, looking at the caves and gazing at the star-lit sky.

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6. Koti Teertha

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Photo of Koti Teertha, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

The name Koti Tirtha translates to "a thousand springs" because legend has it that this location is the source of a thousand springs. This reservoir is surrounded by gorgeous temples and is used for ritual bathing and idol immersion. It is close to the famed Mahabaleshwar Temple and attracts pilgrims who come to perform rituals and pay homage to the ancestors at the temple.

According to Hindu legend, the fabled bird Garuda once snatched up Saptashrungi mountain and flew away with it. Lord Brahma was enraged when he saw it and ordered Garuda to throw it to the ground. Garuda placed it partially on land and partially in the sea. During this operation, half of the tirthas atop it were immersed in water, and the remaining one crore were placed on the ground in Gokarna.

7. Kumta

Photo of Kumta, Uttara Kannada by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Kumta is located 30 kilometres from the magnificent beach town of Gokarna. It is located on the Arabian Sea coast and provides enticing beaches with black rocks, historic temples, and sprawling flora. It is all about relaxing, unwinding, and seclusion. The town is decorated by beaches such as Baada beach, Kumta beach, and Dhareshwar Beach, providing a fascinating environment around the ancient temples showing age-old art.

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8. Mirjan Fort

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Photo of Mirjan Fort, Mirjan by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Mirjan Fort is one of the top places to visit in Gokarna because of its triumphant history and architectural grandeur. This 16th-century fort, located approximately 22 kilometres from the main city, boasts cultural grandeur and a remarkable past. However, there are other versions of the fort's origin. The fort was built by Chennai Bhairavi Devi, the Queen of Geroppa, also known as the 'Queen of Pepper,' according to the most popular version. It has been declared as a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and has gone through some recent renovations to improves its quality.

9. Paradise Beach

Photo of Paradise Beach, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Paradise beach, also known as Full Moon beach, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Gokarna. It is approximately 150 metres long, with nearly seventy percent of the beach covered in rocks. The rest of the beach is covered in clean white sand. There aren't many water activities accessible here, but swimming in the quiet waters is a great way to relax your mind and body. The calm environment of the beach provides an excellent opportunity to spend time in nature's lap and find solace.

Paradise Beach cannot be reached by road and must be approached via other beaches, especially Half Moon Beach and Om Beach. To get to Paradise Beach, visitors must hire a motorboat from either of the aforementioned beaches. This beach is also accessible through a short hike from Half Moon Beach. It will take you no more than 20 minutes to get there with this route.

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10. Bhadrakali Temple

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Photo of Shree Bhadrakali Temple, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Uma, the wife of Lord Shiva, who is also considered to be the protector of the town. It is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from Gokarna. It is said that when the demon Vetrasur conquered the three lokas, the trinity of Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva created a feminine warrior, Durge, who was given all the powers to defeat the demon, after which she was named Bhadrakali by Shiva.

There are two lions and warrior statues in front of the temple that is said to represent the power of Goddess Bhadrakali. You can also read about the mysterious temples in India.

11. Maha Ganpati Temple

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Photo of Sri Maha Ganapati temple Gokarna, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Located just a few kilometers away from Mahabaleshwar Temple, Maha Ganapati Temple is a renowned shrine with a 1.3-meter-high black stone idol of Lord Ganesha. This temple is usually visited before heading to the main Mahabaleshwar Temple. It was built in honor of Lord Ganesha for succeeding to take away the Atma Linga from Ravana. The architecture in this temple is something magnificent to witness. If you are looking for some peaceful time in a tranquil space then this temple is a must-visit.

12. Nirvana Beach

(C) Pooja Khandelwal

Photo of Nirvana Beach, Uttara Kannada by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

The entrancing environs of Nirvana beach make you feel like you are in an unreal setting. The beach has a very long shoreline, and you hardly find fellow travelers around as it is little off the beaten. If you are traveling to Nirvana beach, you are suggested to carry food and water as there are no such facilities. Swimming is a great sport to indulge in but due to the absence of lifeguard and much civilization, you must avoid going deep as the ocean has strong currents. Also, you can visit some of the best places in Gokarna.

13. Shiva Cave

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Photo of Shiva Cave, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Shiva Cave is an intriguing spot to explore during your visit to Gokarna that is not yet well-known among tourists. Consisting of a Shiva Lingam, Shiva Cave is an interesting place that people should visit. Because of the dark interiors, tourists are advised to bring a torch when going there. It is also home to a large number of bats and has an intriguing legend associated with it. Shiva Cave is an amazing place to visit for everyone because of its stunning surroundings. There is a Shiva Temple where worshippers visit to have their desires granted.

14. Mahalasa Temple

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Photo of Mahalasa Temple., Karwar by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

This temple was built 150 years ago with an idol of Sri Siddhivinayak. It is also known as Shri Mahalasa Siddhivinayak Temple, and it is located 10 kilometers away from the main bus station. This is a beautiful temple that needs to be on your must-see list in Gokarna. There are festivals celebrated here that are a treat to watch.The best time to visit is during the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi and Shravana Sankashti. It is one of the most famous and peaceful places in gokarna where you can visit in two days with your family members.

15. Belekan Beach

(C) Peee Jayy

Photo of Belekan beach karnataka, Belekan by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Belekan Beach is a tranquil beach where you may simply relax on the sand or take a boat ride to soak in the surroundings. On this beach, there is a cliff diving area where you can dive into the water from a height of 14 feet, which is safe with Adventuresome. Swimming is undoubtedly a popular sport here, but beach volleyball and frisbee are also popular. Being here in the evenings allows people to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset against the hills as well as simply enjoy the sight of boats littered around on the water.

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16. Murudeshwar

Photo of Murdeshwar, Uttara Kannada by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Murudeshwar is home to the second highest statue of Lord Shiva (123 ft) in the world. With the glittering Arabian Sea on three sides and the majestic Western Ghats imposing their presence on this town, it is a preferred picnic spot for the folks from Kerala and Karnataka. Tourists are drawn to the beaches and adventure activities that surround Netrani island. Murudeshwar temple and fort are also the most visited spots, captivating one with their rustic charm and beauty.

17. Small Hell Beach

(C) Suraj Padhy

Photo of Small Hell Beach, Gokarna by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

A must-see while in Gokarna, Small Hell Beach is a tranquil beach with golden sand and exceptionally calm ultramarine blue sea. Because it has been unspoiled by untouched hands, the surrounds are immaculate and absolutely breathtaking. It is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, taking photography, and relaxing, as it is surrounded by large boulders and thick trees. A few fishing boats pass by from time to time, adding to the visual charm of the area.

18. Yana Cave

(C) Nidhi Jain

Photo of Yana Caves, Uttara Kannada by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Yana, a hill town in the Western Ghats blessed with the ever-enchanting flora and freshness of the Sahyadri Hills, is famed for holding two massive natural Limestone monoliths that attract thousands of pilgrims each year. The Bhairaveshwara and Mohini peaks are thought to be sacred, representing Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, respectively. The Yana village, which represents rustic Indian rural living with mud roads, mushroom-like homes, and a laid-back lifestyle, provides a picture of life in the Western Ghats.

19. Unchalli Falls

(C) Ashwin Hegde

Photo of Unchalli Waterfalls, Unchalli by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Unchalli fall is located in deep forest and was formed by the Aghanashini River. The water rushes via multiple cascades before plummeting into a huge pool from a height of almost 200 feet. The falls require a 1.5-hour journey both ways from the parking area, so be prepared to exert some physical effort. There is a top view point where the steps go to the second and third view points. The third viewpoint provides a comprehensive view of the falls, with a spray mist rising over the falls and splashing you on the opposite side of the shazam.

20. Karwar

(C) Onkar

Photo of Karwar, Uttara Kannada by Bongyatri - Sourav and Anindita

Karwar, located 59 kilometres from Gokarna, boasts a plethora of temples, forts, and beaches that draw a wide range of tourists all year round. This place is highly known for its aesthetic beauty, natural surroundings, thriving verdant hills, exquisite scenery, and magnificent mountains, which all are a part of the Western Ghats. You can visit Rabindranath Tagore Beach for banana boat rides.

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While visitors can complete their touring and places to visit in Gokarna in a single day, a trip of two to three days is recommended to fully immerse themselves in the culture and beauty.

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