Planning A Trip from Gokarna to Murudeshwar? All That You Should Know

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Gokarna is an absolute favourite off-beat destination for the new-age travellers who love to chill and vibe with calm yet cool ambience. The calmer sister of Goa has caught the fancy of the millennials and Gen-Z alike, and has even become a base for further travel. Travelers often visit Murudeshwara temple on their trip to Gokarna. The temple is known for its magnicifent Shiva idol and the tall gopuram that adorns the sea shore.

If you are one of those people who plan to skip Goa and visit Gokarna and the places nearby, here is your ultimate guide to planning a smooth trip.

How to Reach Gokarna?

By Air: The nearest airport is at Dabolim in Goa. From the Goa airport, you can take a taxi to Gokarna or go for the below options.

By Road: Gokarna is now directly connected with Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bengaluru and Udupi by bus. Private buses can be a little expensive, so you may also choose to travel by a state transport bus. However, these buses may not take you directly to Gokarna. You can get down at Karwar, a more connected city, at an hours distance from Gokarna. There are frequent buses from Karwar to Gokarna.

By Rail: Gokarna road station is the nearest railway head to Gokarna. There are a few trains that stop here. There are daily trains from Goa, Mangalore and Bengaluru which stop at Gokarna. You can find the list of trains here.

How to Reach Murudeshwar from Gokarna?

By Road: Murudeshwar is at a distance of 80 kms from the city centre of Gokarna. You can find a bus from Gokarna bus stand to Kumta, and then another bus to Murudeshwar. You can also rent a bike from Gokarna for a day and travel around the place. Local autos may also agree to show you around the Murudeshwara temple for a reserved hiring. Taxis are the most convenient option available if you are not traveling on budget.

By Rail: There are trains that stop at both Murudeshwar and Gokarna road. You can take one of these trains and get down at Murudeshwar. the journey takes about 45 minutes. You can either walk to the Murudeshwar temple 2.5 kms or take a local transport.

What to see?

Murudeshwar is known for and can be recognised by the lord Shiva statue from a distance. Lord Shiva seated at the edge, showering his blessings on all the mortals, commanding the Arabian Sea on three sides. Just an awesome sight to visit. Read more about Murudeshwar here.

Bearing stories to the battles fought by the Vijayanagar empire, the Marathas and Mughals, Mirjan Fort is a 500-year old fort a few kilometers from Gokarna. Read more about Mirjan Fort here.

A bit of a diversion from the route, the second highest plunge waterfall of India -Jog falls is not too far from Murudeshwar. Read more about Jog falls here.

Not just Kerala and Goa offer backwater boating, Honnavar in Karnataka is known for its beautiful backwaters where you can take a boat ride on the Sharavati river. Read more about Sharavati backwaters here.

Yana Caves is an untouched and hidden gem in the jungles of Western Ghats. Two rock hillocks, known as Bhairevashwara Shikara and Mohini Shikara surrounded by thick forests and streams, rise sharply of about 100 meters. Read more about Yana Caves here.

Beyond these, there are numerous small waterfalls on the way, and not to forget some beautiful, less-explored golden beaches too.

Where to Stay?

If you are planning to stay in Gokarna, you can check out the hotel options here.

These are some of the hotel options between Gokarna and Murudeshwar:

Price for two: Rs 2800 per night

Book it here.

Price for two: Rs 2200 per night

Book it here.

Price for two: Rs 4000 per night

Book it here.

Price for two: Rs 1500

Book it here.

Where to Eat?

This is the oldest and the most popular cafe in Gokarna providing the best view of the Om beach. Visit here for continental, Israeli and Italian cuisine.

Price for two: Rs 1000

Located in Honnavar, this restaurant is best known for its Afghan and Mughlai dishes.

Price for two: Rs 700

Expect a millennial vibe at this cafe which serves continental and Italian cuisines along with Indian dishes

Price for two: Rs 1000

If you are into non-pretentious, local food with authentic flavours, this is the right restaurant for you, specialising in local sea-food.

Price for two: Rs 600

Plan this off-beat trip Between Gokarna to Murudeshwar to explore the beauty that Konkan has to offer beyond the popular choice of Goa.

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