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Gokarna Nimmu Homes

Amlan Das
Gokarna lies 530 km away from Bangalore in Uttar Karnataka. Gokarna in Hindi means Cow Ear. This place ideal for a weekend trip is a small village which surrounds a Shiva temple called Mahabaleshwar. Rich in cultural heritage and history this place attracts tourists for its five main beaches and the temple. Gokarna beach is situated close to the temple. Om beach is 7km away from the city and is famous for its sunset point and non-veg eateries. One can trek or take a ferry from Om beach to reach out to Kundle beach, Paradise beach and Half moon beach. Goa is 153 Km away from this place and one can club these two places. Gokarna is 12 hours by bus from Bangalore and 14 hours by train. The place is also panaromic for nature lovers and photographers. So pack up your bag and get going.