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Mahabaleshvar Temple

Husein Haveliwala
Headed to the Mahabaleshwar temple which is just 5mins from the room and the main bus stop. It's a beautiful temple, for more information on the temple please read,_Gokarna. Just a few metres from the exit of the temple there is a place where free food is given to all devotees and another few metres is the main Gokarna beach.
So before you arrive at the Gokarna beach you have two famous temples here. The Mahabaleshwar Temple and The Maha Ganpati Temple. Trust me I am not a religious person at all. Honestly visiting the temples in South India is an experience within itself. I don’t mind trying anything in the universe. So eventually stood in the queue for almost 2 hours just to have a feel about it. The visit to both the places, It was an experience too. The Mahabaleshwar Temple also serves Mahaprasad which is again the traditional Kannada cuisine. Some rice, hot Sambar, A pinch of Ocean Salt, some Buttermilk and a sweet dish. The food was delicious and absolutely neat and clean.
Nidhi Jain
After check-out we paid visit to the Mahabaleshwar temple very close to Zostel just 10 min by walk. This temple has rich historical and mythological importance you can check out hereIt took around 1 hour for darshan since the queue was long. Then we started our journey back to Bangalore.
Nishtha Kumar
After exploring Murudeshwar, I went towards the highway to catch my bus for Gokarna. It took me an hour to reach Gokarna. While I was on my way to 'Zostel' I visited Mahabaleshwar Temple. The story behind Mahabaleshwar Temple is pretty interesting and Murudeshwar is directly linked to it. The story belongs to Treta Yuga, Ravana, the demon king was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. After Ravana's strict penance Lord Shiva granted him a boon in which he asked for the Atma Linga, which means immortality. Lord Shiva granted him the boon but well, conditions applied. Ravana had to carry the Atma Linga on his shoulders till his kingdom, Lanka. If he stopped anywhere in between and kept Atma Linga there, it would affix to the ground and his boon shall be null & void. The Gods conspired against him and requested Lord Vishnu & Lord Ganesha to help them. Lord Ganesha disguised as a Brahmin Boy and Lord Vishnu used his Chakra to block the sun and disguise it as dusk. They took advantage of Ravana’s dedication towards performing his daily rituals. Ravana asked the Brahmin boy to hold Atma Linga for him, the boy agreed but again conditions applied. He told him if it started to feel heavy he would call him thrice and if he didn’t listen he would just keep it. Well, that’s exactly what happened and Ravana realized he was deceived by gods when Lord Vishnu removed his Chakra exposing the Sun rays. An enraged Ravana tried really hard to uproot Atma Linga and in despair he named Shiva, Mahabaleshwar. While he tried to deracinate Atma Linga a few pieces fell into Murudeshwara. That’s how Murudeshwara also became a Hindu Pilgrimage site. The other sites where the pieces fell are, Surathkal, Sajjeshwara, and Guneshwara. That makes it 5 places where Atma Linga is situated. Well backpackers you know where to go next, at least I do!