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June - February
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Mirjan Fort

Siva Ilankumaran
21 Kms from Gokarna located Mirjan Fort of Vijyanagara Empire.
Saumitra Shinde
If you like history than the Mirjan Fort can entice you with its rustic architecture and stories. It's at a distance of 21kms from Gokarna and is open for visitors on all days from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Ranjit Periyasami
Fort is 21km from Gokarna. Fort Looks greenish as we are visiting immediately after the end of the monsoon. It is well maintained and we are able to see persons cleaning the fort at early morning itself.
Day 2 : Early morning 5 o clock we set out to Gokarna Beach for our glimpse of sunrise! The beach wasnt quiet though. Had families and kids dipping in water up so early! Was a different experience, though not a lot peaceful as expected. But I could shut a lot of noise around and just focus on the beach and the sun.After breakfast amd visit to the Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mirjan Fort was our next stop. It wasnt a very large fort. Was quaint yet majestic (in its own way) construction which did remind a lot of life back in the day. We climbed atop a very high wall of the fort, below which we could see a great distance ahead to the villages. With this ended our Gokarna trip and we headed back to bangalore to our regular lives. The trip was so worth it for where else can we enjoy the mountains, beaches, temple and fort all in two days,  so close from home :)
Naveen Prabhu
Leaving Mangalore at 7:30 on the intercity train, we came to Kumta, a city on the coastline. Mirjan was 12 Kms from this place. We booked at a Hotel Sanman Lodge, at 500 a night, had some lunch and set off to Mirjan via local govt bus.The fort, locals claim to have been a battleground and was the last stronghold built as an escape route. Some of these passageways can still be seen, Athough sealed off. There are large well like structure which garner lot of curiosity, but are not sure of the significance. A lone Banyan tree stands amidst the vast expanse of the fort, and holds its magnificence against gale winds in the rainy season. We returned before nightfall and settled down for the night.