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June - February
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Mirjan Fort

Ranjit Periyasami
Fort is 21km from Gokarna. Fort Looks greenish as we are visiting immediately after the end of the monsoon. It is well maintained and we are able to see persons cleaning the fort at early morning itself.
Day 2 : Early morning 5 o clock we set out to Gokarna Beach for our glimpse of sunrise! The beach wasnt quiet though. Had families and kids dipping in water up so early! Was a different experience, though not a lot peaceful as expected. But I could shut a lot of noise around and just focus on the beach and the sun.After breakfast amd visit to the Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mirjan Fort was our next stop. It wasnt a very large fort. Was quaint yet majestic (in its own way) construction which did remind a lot of life back in the day. We climbed atop a very high wall of the fort, below which we could see a great distance ahead to the villages. With this ended our Gokarna trip and we headed back to bangalore to our regular lives. The trip was so worth it for where else can we enjoy the mountains, beaches, temple and fort all in two days,  so close from home :)
Naveen Prabhu
Leaving Mangalore at 7:30 on the intercity train, we came to Kumta, a city on the coastline. Mirjan was 12 Kms from this place. We booked at a Hotel Sanman Lodge, at 500 a night, had some lunch and set off to Mirjan via local govt bus.The fort, locals claim to have been a battleground and was the last stronghold built as an escape route. Some of these passageways can still be seen, Athough sealed off. There are large well like structure which garner lot of curiosity, but are not sure of the significance. A lone Banyan tree stands amidst the vast expanse of the fort, and holds its magnificence against gale winds in the rainy season. We returned before nightfall and settled down for the night.
Ria Saha
We started on a Friday night, reached there on Saturday morning, boarded the bus back to Bangalore on Sunday night and reached home again on Monday morning. In this short stay of 1 night and 2 days, I am sure I’ve seen almost all the places that Gokarna has to offer me, “almost”. I can’t for any of my trips say, that I saw everything and visited every place. Something or other is bound to be missed. So there was a Mirjan fort and a Shiva cave that are not at all a sore to the eyes and you can check out these places of interest. But since time was a major constraint here, we had to stick to the plan of having as much fun as we can while avoiding the unnecessary stuffs. Coming back to accommodations, we were a little concerned with the safety issues as we were four girls going to a beach tour and it is India. But when we finally got there, we were so glad! No matter how short the lengths of our pants were or no matter how small crop tops we wore, we were always and always overdressed this whole time. In most of the beaches you would mainly find very less natives and mostly the visiting foreigners. And we were so glad to be overdressed all the time which meant nobody would look at us at all and we can roam freely all around. And the hotel was awesome. The room was clean and hotel staff was very nice. And the surroundings were so peaceful, and surprisingly there were no Indian guests in the hotel apart from the four of us and, here is the best part, you get to have a private awesome beach of your own. I loved this hotel and would recommend this to everyone. Oh! The name is hotel Devasamudra and I am completely and most ardently in love with it. There are other beach hotels and resorts near Kudle beach which is also a good place to stay at. I would suggest everyone to book prior to the vacation, it’s easier that way. And you would be spared of that extra headache.