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Zostel Gokarna

Ankit Saxena
Imagine yourself waking up to the sounds of sea waves kissing the shores, cool sea breeze touching your skin and the rays of sun warming you up. No, I'm not narrating a dream but a place and that place is Zostel Gokarna.Overlooking the beautiful Gokarna Beach is the Zostel, a quaint place to stay within the budget along with comfort.On our 3-days trip to Gokarna, we booked the Zostel for the accommodation and trust me, it did not disappoint. With the neat and clean dormitories to beautiful cafes, Zostel Gokarna has it all.Gokarna's Zostel is a beautiful property located on a hilltop overlooking the Gokarna Beach. It is approximately 2 KM from the Gokarna's Bus Stand and one can reach there by walking or taking an auto. I would recommend walking because the trail is so beautiful and the autowalas may charge up to 200 Rs.
Husein Haveliwala
Shaista Dhanda
Gokarna is a coastal town in Karnataka, an offbeat destination popular among backpack travellers. It is a place for people seeking peace and nature lovers.I stayed in a Zostel property with stunning sea view dormitories. The backpacker hostel is perched on a cliff overlooking the Gokarna beach as seen in the video.Song - I’ll play the blues for youInstagram- https://www.instagram.com/dhandashaista/
After relaxing quite well, we headed back to Zostel to have our dinner . The food at Zostel is pretty awesome and you would be pleasantly surprised at the menu they have to offer and the quality of food they have to offer. We had a sumptuous supper and decided to call it a day.Day 2 began with us waking up early. We had our breakfast, and decided to move on to the next step of our journey. We soaked in the mid morning breeze and as the sun was climbing up on the horizon, we bid adieu to Gokarna.
Slowly, we headed to our abode for the day, Zostel at the Kudle beach. Now Zostel is India's first and largest chain of backpackers' hostels. They have 20 or so properties across India, which cater to a "backpackers" need of a bed to rest and a loo to shower. Now since we had just 2 beds booked, we weren’t sure about the other two. Thankfully, they had a 2 bed villa open out, and we took that up. Thank god, else me and Prem were destined to be on the beach for the night, which on after thoughts wouldn't have been bad.We quickly freshened up and planned to hit the beach for sunset and evening. Now this property is located just 500 metres away from the Kudle beach. It is located at a hilly terrain, so you are basically overlooking a beach all the times. In fact there is like a small pathway, which directly leads to the beach as well. However ,since we had come driving and were tired to walk, we decided to take the car and follow the Google maps for direction. Now the maps did show that the beach was only 500 metres away and it was a straight road from the Zostel property.But what the map did not show was the fact that, it was a road which would barely accommodate a three wheeler, one at a time. Something that we did not know until it was too late. We drove a few hundred meters, and noticed that the width of the road was reducing, and within seconds panic struck, when we realised that, our car was going to be stuck, in a road meant for three wheeler autos, with stonewalls on both sides!Whatever little high we were from the beers, it just evaporated within a second! What followed was mayhem of sorts for the next 20 minutes or so. Now I pride myself on being a precision driver. However this scared the crap out of me too. We were in our Ford Figo and we didnt have more than 2 inches on both the sides to give.After some major, screaming and shouting, we reversed some distance to get to a place where I though t we had enough to try and turn. What followed for next 20 minutes was a display in precision backing and moving, which Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S would have been proud of, when he got his red convertible wedged in the streets of New York.We managed to get the car out of there, unscathed, back to Zostel. This is when we realised everyone else, who had drove to the property were smart enough to just walk. Another lesson on "when in doubt, ASK". So after we were all out of the shock, we just decided to take the pathway down the hill to the beach.