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Dipanjan Goswami
I Started my journey afternoon around 2:30 PM. I was near Vasna in Ahmedabad at that time. It was 28 kms to Adalaj. So I took a bus (Bus No 401) from Vasna bus terminus. That took to a place named Chandkheda. It was around 50 mins of journey from Vasna to Chandkheda. From there Adalaj was 5.5 Km. There are certainly few options by which you can reach Adalaj Gam. Public Buses( Bus No : 89/1 and 109) and Auto rickshaws are available (Both shared or private). In case you took shared auto rickshaw on the fly you have to get down at Adalaj Gam and walk till Adalaj Stepwell or Trimandir. Eventually I took that to explore the site. There was not much of site there. After 10 mins of Walk I reached my destination - Adalaj Stepwell. It was an Huge Stepwell.This vav has five stories and three gates to enter it. On entering, one is greeted by one mandap with an eight-sided dome, which is now damaged. On both sides of steps are balconies with beautiful carvings. Rows of carved elephants mark some of the levels. It was really a very good place for photography , specially during the time of Sunrise or Sunset under clear western Sky. I will share some photos of the vav in this blog. Next place was Adalaj Trimandir. I was also an Nice Place.It also houses the idols of other Tirthankars and shaashan dev/devis. The left sanctum of the Trimandir Simandhar Swami at Adalaj Trimandir hosts Shivling, Parvati Devi, Hanumanji and Ganapatiji whereas the right sanctum comprises Krishna Bhagwan, Tirupati Balaji Shreenathji, Bhadrakali and Amba Mata. The two extreme ends of the temple houses Padmanabh Swami and Sai Baba.It was a short trip and I enjoyed it. I Hope this blog was useful. Do travel Adalaj if you are going to the Gujarat. Keep Travelling and Keep Enjoying.Thank You.. !!
Mouna Nanaiah
Checking-in to a hotel in Ahmedabad at dawn we were wondering what to do for the day. After some research we hired a taxi for 2500 INR to go to "Adalaj step well", "Modhera Sun temple" and "Rani ki Vav". Adalaj, which is 20kms from the center of Ahmedabad, is sheer architecture magnificence. These step wells are built to cater water availability during all seasons in a year. Next stop was Modhera Sun temple at a distance of ~80 kms. This shrine is designed in a manner that the first rays of the Sun are cast on the image of Lord Surya. Moving on to the last stop of the journey was Rani ki Vav, which is 35 kms away. The Queen's step well bagged the title of “Cleanest Iconic Place” in India in 2016.
Deepti Bhatia
Since I was travelling with a small group , we hired a cab for the day to take us to the temple & on our way back we covered another restored archeological site- Adalaj ni vav (step well) . The drive to the Modhera was quite comfortable, with highways in Gujarat being the best in the country and had vast fields of the seasonal plantation. The best time to visit this part of the country will be in winter months from Nov-Feb, as temperatures can be quite high in summers.
Gunjan Upreti
Adalaj step well in Gujarat is one of those historical monuments and structures, which force people to marvel at the hidden treasures of India and its culture. A beautifully chiseled step well, Adalaj is counted amongst the finest architectural structures of Gujarat.
Vaishnavi Rathi