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Ahmedabad Airport

We reach Ahmedabad and use that early arrival to our advantage indeed, we leave for Sun Temple,Modhera.
Bhavik Sarkhedi
#SwipeRightToTravel12:15 pm, December 27, 2016, Ahmedabad.'Sorry, you can't take that sharp tool inside the plane.''What? Why?'Okay. I put my locket having the longest 'Game of Thrones' sword of 'Starks' inside my bag and couldn't wear it while I take my pictures on the plane. Sad. Fine. Who cares? I am going Goa. I #SwipeRightToTravel and put that locket-thought behind my small brain.The 'Don Casanova' tattoo on my left hand, The 'Bhangover' Hoodie with a weird weed symbol and one tribal ink on the lower neck made it clear to the fellow sitting beside me that I am heading towards Goa so alone that I have dressed me up way differently that even my own parents wouldn't recognize me. You know a 'Pony Tail' for a Gujarati boy is not popular and non-recommendable fashion trend but I had no restriction and thus, I decided to make the most of my coming 111 hours as adventurous as possible.