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Gitika Saksena
BalasinorAbout 87 km away from Ahmedabad, lies the 70 acre-wide Dinosaur Fossil Park, a bonafide blast from the past! You can find fossils of Rajasaurus Narmadensis - a carnivorous species from the Cretaceous period which existed about 65 million years ago - lying in the open. The best way to explore the Fossil Park is to book a guided tour with Princess Aaliya Sultana Babi, she is highly regarded by palaeontologists who have visited this area. Do not forget to ask her to show you a fossil of a dinosaur egg, which is her proud possession! You can reach out to her at hours: Daily, 9 am - 6 pm
I don't usually write about my travel sojourns or journeys before it gets published. However, I have been deeply touched by the hospitality offered to us by the Nawabzada of Balasinor at their Heritage Garden Palace. The Nawabzada possesses the charm of a prince, but touches the heart with his humility and affection and impresses us with his gift of the gab and his knowledge of his ancestral history! The princess has a passion for a unique pre-pre-historic creature (find out on your own!) and takes us back to time immemorial! All this with the royal feeling of dining with the Nawabzada himself listening to culinary tales and feasting on special kebabs and rich chicken preparations and desserts unheard off! The Begum took care of that as she is a genuine connoisseur of food that is also made with lots of love!
Gypsea Trip
The car stormed through a local market, scattering goats and scrawny chickens. We stopped several times to ask for directions to the Nawab’s Palace. I was booked at the Garden Palace Hotel, a heritage property run by the rulers of Balasinor, the Babi family. As the Toofan screeched to a halt in the royal courtyard, four mustached men in uniforms and turbans began to beat and toot animatedly on their musical instruments, to herald my arrival. A woman in a traditional sari gently rubbed a red tikka on my forehead, as another garlanded me. The princess of Balasinor swept out to greet me.Princess Aaliya Sultana Babi is very jovial, friendly and the most down-to-earth princess I have met (not that I’ve met any others!) Her Brother, Prince Salauddin, was also most gracious and welcoming, and showed me around their homestay hotel. If you don’t fancy staying in one of the 8 elegantly furnished guest rooms, you have the option of staying in the luxury tents on the palace grounds, for that regal, yet rustic experience.