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Beyt Dwarka

Abhishek Sura
Now its time for Beyt Dwarka, its already 10:30 AM and to go Beyt Dwarka, one has to go in a ferry from Okha port. So i reached Okha at around 11:20 AM and parked my bike and boarded the local ferry to Beyt which would take around 30min. They would take a charge of 20 Rs per person one way.
Rajkamal Singh
3rd day we planned to visit the second most popular temple i.e. "Beyt Dwarka". Beyt Dwarka or Shankhodhar is an inhabited island at mouth of Gulf of Kutch situated 3 km (2 mi) off the coast of Okha, Gujarat, India. So firstly we reached "Okha" by bus and after that we went there by ferry and it takes around 30 min to reach this island. This place is mysterious and It is said to be the home of Lord Krishna.
akash kapdi
-yes, It is true that only 1 % of Indians know about this place. No mobile No watch No light No electricity. Three sides covered by sea-It is best place to beach camping with your with friends.what is Dunny point exactly?-This island is totally uneven, it got its tail type surface which is called DUNNY  POINT. It covers three sides with sea. Totally blue and cleanest beach I ever seen.what to do here?-You can experience here the first rays of sunrise that is very beautiful. -You can have beach sports like beach volleyball, kite flying and much things.S-wimming in the sea, watching bird, take meditation.The MOST adventures thing here to do is see the MARINE CREATURES. lots of creatures here it is and you are lucky one then you can also get chance to see Dolphins-campfiring is one of the most grateful part this camping. You can see galaxy and the maravel in velvet night stars get studd. How to reach here?-Dwarka city is near by of this island. The nearest embarking point is Dwarka. Dunny point is approx 2-3 kilometers by local boat.(Dwarka city is far 450 kilometers from Ahmedabad city)Some quick point-There is no any luxurious hotels or not even a guest house.Night hold only in tent.-No any kind of primary facilities.(I guess that you make sense about it)-November to January best season for this trip