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Devpar - Yaksh

Ronojoy Sinha
So, on 23rd of December 2016, we landed at Ahmedabad airport pretty early in the morning.Without wasting much time we got on our bus and left for Bhuj, the largest town in Kutch District. Instead of staying at Bhuj or Hodka; we decided on Devpur Homestay, some 30kms from the Rann. With it’s luxurious tented accommodation and rustic feel, it turned out to be a fantastic experience. Away from the hustle of the city life, this is what we exactly needed.The hosts Mr.Krutarthsinh Jadeja and his wife Late Mrs. Yashodhara Jadeja were the perfect hosts and were extremely accommodating of our needs.We reached Devpur pretty late at night and after being served a sumptuous meal, we decided to venture outside and do some Astro Photography.Just a tip: If you're planning on taking images of the night sky at Rann, you might be a tad disappointed. With the amount of light pollution in the area, you would be better off in places which are lowkey when compared to Kutch. I was pretty happy with the images we made that night ! :D