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Dhordo is said to be a tourist hot spot that is preferred by many travelers who come to Kutch to see the great desert. Located close to these salty marshes, Dhordo is famous as it hosts the important Raan Utsav annually and becomes quite crowded. Tourists can hire cars are drive right up till the very edge of this white desert and stay over for a night. The place is beautiful and will mesmerize one. Those who have been here will tell one of how picturesque this place is and yet harsh at the same time. One is advised to plan carefully while making a trip to Dhordo.
Rishabh Dev
कच्छ के आसपास के क्षेत्र को देखने और और यहाँ की जीवंत संस्कृति का अनुभव करने के लिये आपको कई जगहों पर जाना होगा। इसके लिए आपके पास खुद की गाड़ी होनी चाहिए। अगर आपके पास गाड़ी नहीं है तो भुज में किराए पर भी ले सकते हैं। तब आप धोर्डो के सफेद रण को देख पायेंगे और पास के बन्नी गाँवों में जा सकते हैं। रण उत्सव ने धोर्डो की लोकप्रयिता बढ़ती जा रही है और इसकी वजह है, यहाँ होने वाला रण फेस्टिवल।
Disha Kapkoti
You will need a vehicle to visit the nearby places and experience the vibrant culture of the region. Experience the White Rann of Village Dhordo and explore the nearby Banni Villages. The Rann Utsav has led to the increased popularity of Dhordo.
Deepti Joshi Luthria
Once you come out of Bhuj railway station you see a huge Rann utsav board outside. They have a reception area where you can wait with your luggage until the bus starts to take you to Rann utsav. The bus trip started around 1 and we reached Rann utsav around 2:00. We were taken to our tents and the lunch was provided in the tent only as it was after 2:30 PM. The Non- AC tents are extremely well maintained. All tents come with a attached bathroom. The toiletries are provided but i would suggest carrying your own.
Road to Taste
We reached Dhordo village around 3pm in the afternoon and was welcomed warmly by the staff. The way we swiftly managed to check in showed the efficient management by the event management company Lallu Lal and Sons. We had our lunch before we started again for a quick tour of the city. The points of attraction included the Kala Dongar and the White Desert for watching the sunset. The tent city was lit up beautifully in the night and had some entertaining cultural programs for its guests. We spent the day well and enjoyed their lovely dinner before calling it a day as we had to start for Diu the next morning.
Ridhíma Prasad
Drive to Dhordo from Bhuj station/airport (2 hours)Check-in at Tent City - Dhordo is a small village on the farthest corner of Kutch district and serves as a gateway to the Rann of Kutch. Every year literally an entire city of tents is built for the Utsav. There are more than 400 tents, all arranged in beautiful clusters, with 2 dining halls, club house, art gallery and a market area all built within the Tent city. There is also a huge built in stage space for everyday cultural activities.